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The holiday season is a reminder of the hard winter ahead. While Canada is blessed with lots of lovely weather, our winters can be harsh.

So what should you do? If you are in the market for new flooring, you may want to consider functionality over aesthetics.

You may already have measures in place to minimize the effects of cold, hard winds, but changing your flooring can also help a lot. Did you know that there are flooring options that can help make your space warm and cozy?

The Reno Superstore has put together a list of the best flooring to protect you this winter.

Let’s take a look.

Best Winter Flooring Options in Toronto and Mississauga

Prepare for the winter with flooring that helps keep your home warm and cozy.

1. Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring

This is perhaps the most obvious choice. Carpets are warm, affordable, and a great fix for a wide range of spaces, both commercial and residential. They are also one of the most popular office flooring materials. Unlike hardwood, carpet flooring in Mississauga and Toronto won’t expand or contract with changing temperatures.

Instead, the fabric serves as an excellent temperature barrier to help prevent heat from escaping. It is also soft underfoot. Depending on the carpet material you choose, like wool or polyester, it will have a natural cushioning effect and helps trap air for additional insulation.

Different carpets offer different benefits, so be sure to check what they have to offer before you buy. For instance, the carpet flooring in Mississauga and Toronto is highly stain-resistant.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Mississauga? Whatever type of vinyl flooring you want, whether sheet or plank vinyl, it is one of the best flooring options. More homeowners are installing vinyl flooring because it is simple to clean, comes in a variety of gorgeous designs, and is affordable.

One of the best aspects of vinyl flooring is that, along with being durable, it is also stable. So, you don’t have to worry about floor gaps, as vinyl floors do not expand or contract with changing weather.

In addition to their stability, these floors offer good insulation against cold weather and are an ideal solution for your space. Some luxury vinyl flooring products even support radiant heating.

You should definitely look through our collection if you want to find luxury vinyl flooring in Mississauga and Toronto at the lowest prices.

3. Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

If you have always wanted solid hardwood floors but do not have the budget for them, laminate flooring is a great alternative. Compared to engineered hardwood, it is more affordable. Plus, laminate floors are easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, and look great in any space.

When installed properly, these floors have no issue with changing temperatures. They are padded with an underlay for extra cushion and protection against the cold. So, you never have to wake up to icy cold floors. In winter, laminate flooring will keep your space warm and cozy.

The Reno Superstore offers a large selection of laminate flooring in Mississauga and Toronto at great prices.

4. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring offers many benefits. It is durable and warm and improves the ROI of your home dramatically. While solid hardwood is just as warm, cold can shrink these floors. This is especially true if they are not properly installed.

Engineered wood floors are more stable and do not alter with the changing weather. Plus, they help your space stay warm during the colder months. Since the top layer of engineered hardwood is composed of real wood, make sure to maintain an appropriate humidity level in order to avoid your floors drying out.

5. Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Porcelain floors are not warm. Why are they on this list? You are not wrong, but here’s the thing. Even though porcelain tiles are excellent conductors of heat and cold, they can be optimized to suit your needs.

Porcelain tiles support radiant heating systems and work well even in the most moisture-prone areas of your home. So, if you are planning to install radiant heating, porcelain tiles may be your best solution. Additionally, porcelain tile floors are easy to maintain, extremely durable, and improve the value of your home.

Now that you know the best flooring options for winter, here is a little tip.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Purchase New Flooring?

The best time to buy flooring is when no one is buying flooring which is usually during these two seasons:

  • Late December and January: Amidst the holiday festivities, home renovation is the last thing on anyone’s mind, which is precisely why you should consider renovating during the holidays. Also, as a flooring store, we are preparing to bring the new flooring collection for Spring/Summer and want to clear out any old collections. This combination of factors makes this an excellent time to get the best prices on flooring.
  • Mid to late May: A little unexpected, but this is also a good time to shop for flooring. Usually,around this time new flooring comes in so there is a greater chance of finding older flooring at sale prices.

Investing in new flooring can be a wonderful way to improve your lifestyle and the value of your property. It is highly recommended that you consider your needs and budget when shopping for new flooring materials. If you have any concerns about your project, get in touch with us. We are open seven days a week to assist you with your renovation needs.

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