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Are you shopping for tiles? Do you want the latest styles and trends?

Tiles are one of the most versatile renovation materials, equally suited to walls as floors. With so many designs on the market, tile suppliers in Toronto, like The Reno Superstore, need to be sure to offer the latest styles and designs.

So, which tile design should you choose for your next renovation project? And which styles are in? Here, we look at upcoming tile trends to make your shopping experience easier.

Let’s dive right in.

Latest Tile Trends to Explore at Tile Shops In Toronto

Visiting tile shops in Toronto or anywhere else can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you want. Here, we explore tile trends we expect to be hugely popular in 2024.

  1. Surface Drenching
  2. Surface drenching involves having the same colour on all surfaces in a room; for example, where the walls, backsplash, countertops, and floors are all the same colour. Imagine doing the same with porcelain tiles to achieve a very polished, uniform, and contemporary look.

    This trend particularly favours smaller spaces, where the uniform look helps to make the space seem larger. So, we would suggest carrying out this trend in your bathroom.

  3. Natural Stone Look
  4. Natural stones have always been a popular choice for Toronto homeowners. Marble (especially large-format marble) and granite are particularly versatile and help create luxurious spaces.

    Natural Stone Look

    If you cannot afford marble, you can always install porcelain tiles that look the same. This will not only help you save, but no one will be able to tell the difference easily. Just make sure that you use large format porcelain tiles, as they have fewer grout lines, which makes them easier to clean.

  5. Wood-Style Tiles
  6. We are expecting to see a rise in wood-style tiles this upcoming year. Natural hardwood is a classic style that is always in vogue, but it is expensive and cannot be installed in high-moisture spaces. The solution is to put in wood-style porcelain tiles instead.

    Not only are they more affordable than hardwood flooring, but they work well in high moisture conditions. Porcelain tiles can be installed on walls and floors to create a seamless look. They also function well in outdoor environments.

    For bathroom floors or outdoor space, choose a wood-style tile that has a wood-like texture as it offers better slip resistance.

  7. Textured Tiles
  8. If you think all tiles are smooth, then there is probably a thing or two you could learn about installing tiles. Textured tiles – sometimes referred to as 3D or tactile tiles – have raised or recessed features that give the area in which they are installed more depth and visual appeal.

    We expect to see a lot of this style in 2024. If you are looking for a tile-and-stone look for your Toronto home, consider textured tiles.

    Note that dust and dirt accumulate on the added texture, which can be slightly challenging to clean. Regular vacuuming and using a wet cloth to clean them will help.

  9. Geometric Shapes
  10. It seems like geometric shapes are not going anywhere in 2024. If you like quirky designs, shapes, sizes and colours, then you can definitely try geometric patterns for your space.

    Moroccan tiles are a classic choice, but there are other patterns like squares, circles, and stars. Mosaic tiles are also popular, as they offer a lot of variety in different geometric patterns. When visiting a tile shop in Toronto, make sure to ask your tile supplier about your specific requirements and the area of installation. That way, they will be able to direct you to the right product.

  11. Travertine Tiles
  12. In recent years, coffee tables and kitchen backsplashes featuring travertine stones have seen a significant resurgence. Their smooth, sandy look contributes to the ideal minimalist background.

    If you want to create a subtle but luxurious look, then porcelain tiles that look and feel like travertine are a less expensive alternative.

    You can find these popular styles at your nearest tile shop or any popular tile supplier in Toronto.

  13. Rich Earthy Tones
  14. Porcelain tiles in rich, earthy tones like deep blues, purples, terracotta, and greens are a great option for any project and another popular trend for 2024.

    These tones are often associated with sustainability, and as more and more homeowners are drawn to this concept, these colour schemes are becoming increasingly popular.

    If you are interested in creating a relaxed atmosphere using earthy tones, then this colour palette is definitely something you should have in your space. It is important to note that porcelain tiles are heavy and require professional installation. Get in touch with our team for affordable installation.

Shopping for tiles is always an exciting process, and getting something trendy is a great idea to spruce up your space. Just make sure the product you choose aligns with your interior design and helps to reflect your personality. If you need help shopping for tiles or have questions about them, you can always contact The Reno Superstore team for the best advice. Shop online or visit our store today!

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