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Are you looking for a 1-panel Shaker hollow interior door? Even though this may seem like a pretty straightforward choice, there are several factors to keep in mind before you buy.

At The Reno Superstore, we offer a wide selection of interior doors at the best prices in Toronto. We always urge our customers to invest time in understanding the product they want. In this guide, we discuss what you should know about 1-panel Shaker hollow interior doors.

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Learn These Things Before You Buy a 1-Panel Shaker Hollow Door

The 1-panel Shaker hollow interior door is popular among homeowners for several reasons. For one, their timeless design fits seamlessly into any decor style. But before you buy them, here are some things to consider.

First, What Is a Hollow Core Door?

For interior spaces, these are a common choice. They are known as hollow core doors because of their construction. These doors typically have hollow interiors and are made of fiberboard or laminated wood with a layer of honeycomb cardboard between the door’s panels. These cardboard honeycombs are positioned within the door at a few crucial locations to maintain its structural integrity. This is why these doors are light and easy to install. Their structure, however, affects their durability.

Hollow Core Door

All hollow core doors are chiefly interior doors and should not be installed outdoors as they can be easily broken. For better durability, get a solid core door instead. Make sure to learn the difference between a solid core and hollow core door to ensure you are buying the right product.

When Should You Install a Hollow Core Door?

Here are some situations in which installing a hollow core door makes sense.

  • They are inexpensive and a great way to cut costs.
  • They make sense if blocking sound is not your main concern, but privacy is.
  • Hollow core doors are light and hence easy to install, so they are ideal for DIY projects.

Now that you know something about hollow core doors in general, here are some key facts about 1-panel Shaker hollow interior doors.

  • 1. They Are Versatile in Terms of Design and Aesthetic
  • Choosing something adaptable and straightforward when thinking about interior doors is always best. The single recessed panel of the 1-panel Shaker hollow door is surrounded by a simple, clean frame that adds a touch of elegance and creates a sense of visual harmony. The simplicity heightens the sophistication and complements any current or future decor style.

  • 2. It Is a Budget-Friendly Interior Door
  • How much you can spend should definitely be considered when choosing an interior door. For instance, buying 1-panel Shaker doors is the most affordable choice if you need several interior doors.

    As mentioned, being hollow, the 1-panel Shaker door is a cost-effective choice for homeowners looking for something affordable.

    The hollow core design makes it more affordable than solid core doors. Evaluate your needs and priorities to determine if a 1-panel Shaker hollow door is the right choice for you.

  • 3. Size Compatibility
  • Measure the area precisely before ordering a 1-panel Shaker hollow door. Otherwise, it will not fit correctly. Standard door sizes are available in widths ranging from 24″ to 36″ and 80” in height. You may need to customize your door if it does not fit standard dimensions.

    You must also consider the door’s swing, including whether it will be left- or right-handed. Additionally, before placing your order, confirm whether you require a pre-hung door (which includes the door frame) or just the door panel.

    Please be aware that door jambs and other hardware, such as knobs, must be purchased separately.

  • 4. Finishes and Colour
  • One-panel Shaker hollow doors are available in various finishes and colours, making them ideal for fitting into any decor. Commercially available doors usually have a white finish, but you can always paint or stain them as you prefer. Consider the existing colour scheme of your home and choose a colour that complements the space and overall aesthetic.

  • 5. Weather Resistance and Privacy
  • The 1-panel Shaker hollow door provides enough privacy between rooms. It is still the best option for a tight budget, even though they do not insulate against cold or sound if those are priorities.

    These doors are also not weather resistant but don’t have to be. If you need them to prevent moisture buildup in bathrooms or laundry rooms, consider other options as a 1-panel Shaker hollow door is not the best choice.

  • 6. Maintenance and Care
  • A 1-panel Shaker hollow interior door with regular care and maintenance will look great for many years. When necessary, wipe it down with a damp cloth and dust it frequently; avoid harsh or abrasive chemicals that could ruin the finish.

    If you want to keep it looking good, you may want to periodically refinish it. Check the thickness of the door with our staff: if it is too thin, it may not allow for refinishing and sanding.

    Shaker  Door Maintenance and Care

  • 7. Installation Process
  • If you have the right tools and expertise, installing a 1-panel Shaker hollow door should be a breeze. Since they are lightweight, they can be installed pretty easily if you have the skills. However, if you have never installed a door, it is best to hire a professional installer.


  • Can a 1-Panel Shaker Hollow Door be painted or stained to match my interior?
  • Yes, you can paint or stain it to create the desired look for your room. For the best results, be sure to adhere to proper painting or staining techniques.

  • Are these doors appropriate for busy areas?
  • Despite being fashionable, 1-Panel Shaker Hollow Doors may not be the best choice for high-traffic areas due to their hollow core construction. Solid doors or those with a solid core will provide better durability in these situations.

  • Can I put the door frame together by myself?
  • Door frame installation requires accurate measurement and carpentry skills. Hiring a professional for correct installation is best unless you have prior experience.

  • Does my door have a warranty?
  • Manufacturers and retailers may have different warranty policies. Before buying, it is advisable to review the warranty information to determine what is covered and for how long.

  • Do these doors include hardware and other items?
  • While some doors may already have the necessary hardware, others may require you to buy it separately. This will depend on the seller and the particular product.

  • How energy-efficient are 1-Panel Shaker Hollow Doors?
  • If energy efficiency is important to you, solid doors with better insulation may be something to consider.

A 1-Panel Shaker Hollow Door can give your home a touch of classic elegance. Choose the best door for your needs and preferences by considering the material from which it is made, its design, size, installation, and maintenance. Before installing, measure precisely, consider various finishes, and evaluate your DIY abilities honestly. You can improve your living spaces’ aesthetic appeal and practicality by making the right decision. Need interior doors in Toronto? Get in touch with us. The Reno Superstore offers high-quality interior doors at the best prices. Get easy financing and a lot more.

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