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When it comes to renovating your home or business, selecting the right interior door is more important than you may think. Will you choose a frosted glass door? How about paneled glass, or a Shaker door?

When shopping for interior doors at The Reno Superstore, keep in mind these useful tips.

Let’s begin.

Useful Tips When Choosing a Style of Interior Door

Picking the right interior door for your home or business requires careful consideration. Not sure where to start? Here are some useful tips

1. Pick a Style 

Your home should reflect your personality. That includes your interior doors. Just like the rest of your decor, they should have their own distinct style.

The four most common door styles are contemporary, Shaker, classic, and cottage. If you are looking for a timeless look, pick Shaker, Belmont or Manchester doors. For a minimal modern style, go for an interior door with a glass panel.

Follow a similar style of interior door throughout your house as too many designs will overwhelm your space.

2. Measure the Door Frame 

Measure the Door Frame

Before coming in to shop, it is a good idea to measure your door frame. Ill-fitting interior doors are not an option, and getting them custom-made can be expensive. But if your space is designed differently than standard sizes, then custom is your only option.

When you buy a prefab door, be sure to factor in the size of the frame. The door needs to hang just right; not too large or small.

Also, the door’s style will influence the frame in certain cases. For instance, pocket doors slide within walls to save space. So, when installing one, space needs to be made within the walls surrounding the frame.

3. Consider the Room 

Each room in your home is different. So, when choosing a style of interior door, keep in mind the purpose of that particular room.

If you are installing this door for study, then a solid interior door is a good option. They offer better soundproofing than hollow doors, so are great for a study or office. Not sure how to buy solid interior doors? Consult the experts at The Reno Superstore.

In areas that require natural light, glass panel doors are a great option. Choose frosted glass panel doors for better privacy.

4. Keep Durability In Mind 

Performance and durability are important factors to keep in mind when it comes to interior doors.

In terms of durability, solid engineered cores may seem costly but will be cost-effective in the long run. We suggest installing these types of doors in high-traffic areas for the best results. For less busy areas, hollow core doors are reasonably sturdy and more budget-friendly.

5. Choose the Right Finish 

Next, consider the correct finish. Do you want real wood veneer, a smooth laminate, or maybe a pop of colour? Here at The Reno Superstore, we offer pre-primed interior doors that are just waiting for the right finish.

6. Pick Your Door Accessories

Pick Your Door Accessories 

Make sure the style of your door accessories matches your other interior doors. When you order an interior door, it does not come with accessories like hinges, a knob or handles. Instead, you will need to choose the accessories that go with your door’s design. If you don’t know which to pick, you can always ask our experts.

7. Determine Any Special Preferences 

As mentioned, some doors in your home require special attention. For instance, the door leading to an interior garage must be fireproof.

If you are not sure about the safety rules and regulations surrounding these doors, contact your contractor.

8. Hire a Professional  

Fitting your interior door requires significant experience and knowledge, so hire an experienced contractor.

9. Factor In Budget

How much is it going to cost? This is an important question that every homeowner or business owner needs to ask. At The Reno Superstore, we offer the best prices for interior doors in Mississauga and Toronto. But prices will vary depending on ones for instance, while glass panel interior doors fall somewhere in between.

Buying the right interior door style for your home or business is an investment that requires research. It is a good idea to go with good quality products to make your purchase more cost-effective. We hope these tips are useful for your next shopping trip at The Reno Superstore. Get in touch with us for more information.

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