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If you have ever dabbled in interior design, you know that every detail matters. That includes your choice of interior doors.

Slab doors are an obvious choice when creating a modern aesthetic in your home. These sleek, stylish, and versatile doors provide more than just a means of entry and exit; they also add significantly to your room’s overall ambience.

There are so many different interior door styles that choosing the best one for your space can be difficult. At The Reno Superstore, we believe information is the key to making the best buying decisions, so here is our guide to slab doors.

Let’s get started.

Slab Doors: What Are They and Why Should You Buy One?

Before buying any modern interior door for your home, it is important to understand what they offer and if they align with your budget and lifestyle. So, here is our look at buying slab doors.

But first, what are slab doors?

Their simple, flat surface, devoid of raised or recessed panels, sets slab doors apart from other interior doors. They comprise a solid piece (or slab) of material, such as wood, metal, or fibreglass. This is then usually mounted on hinges within a door frame to provide access between rooms or areas within a building. These doors lack the decorative detailing in traditional panel doors, favouring a minimalist contemporary look. This makes slab doors perfect for contemporary interior design projects because they come in a range of sizes, styles, and materials.

slab doors

These simple doors have many benefits. Let’s learn why you should buy slab doors for your home or business.

Top Reasons to Buy Slab Doors for Your Home

  1. They’re Affordable

    Replacing your interior doors is a great idea but can be expensive, especially if you are buying more than one.

    If you are on a budget and looking to buy modern interior doors without overspending, hollow core slab doors from The Reno Superstore are a great choice.

    It is important to note that while most interior slab doors are cost-effective, their affordability depends on their material. However, this option is cheaper than prehung doors.

    Another way to get a better deal is to ask the store for a discount, particularly if you purchase interior doors in bulk.

  2. They’re Durable

    Interior doors should be just as durable as your front door. The good thing about slab doors is that they are durable and long-lasting, making them a practical choice.

    Slab doors can be made using various materials, giving them a unique look and durability.

    • Solid wood slab doors are used for both interior and external applications and have a reputation for being incredibly durable.
    • Hollow core slab doors are lightweight, making them perfect for interior installation and more affordable than their solid wood counterparts.
    • Solid core slab doors are made of various materials, such as composite wood, MDF, particle wood, and plywood. Its solid multi-layer construction makes it a durable choice for interior doors.
    • Fibreglass slab doors are another alternative to conventional wood doors. They are not to be confused with Shaker glass internal doors. Fibreglass doors can mimic wood, are durable, and can be expensive.

    The durability of interior slab doors translates into long-term savings, as they require fewer replacements and repairs. This makes them an affordable option for discerning homeowners.

  3. They’re Modern

    Minimalism is all the rage, so if you prefer simplistic, modern designs, slab doors are undoubtedly your best option.

    Distinguished by their smooth, unvarnished surface, these doors radiate a subtle elegance that goes well with a variety of interior design aesthetics, from industrial loft to Scandinavian chic. Their simple design and lack of conventional panelling give any space a feeling of sophisticated modernism.

  4. They’re Versatile

    Do you love changing your interior decor now and then? Then, choosing a versatile interior door like a slab door makes the most sense. Unlike other traditional panelled doors, which may not suit certain decor schemes, slab doors are like a blank canvas, adaptable to a myriad of design preferences.

    Slab doors can be tailored to your vision, whether you prefer a minimalist, monochromatic look or eclectic pops of colour and texture. They also come in various materials, expanding their design possibilities.

  5. They’re Seamless

    Another benefit of buying a slab door is its ability to integrate with existing architectural structures seamlessly. Slab doors seamlessly integrate with walls because of their understated, straightforward design, which results in a unified visual flow throughout a room.

    Seamless Design of Slab Doors

    In addition to improving your home’s overall aesthetic appeal, this integration gives rooms a sense of coherence and continuity, making them appear bigger and more integrated.

  6. They’re Easy To Install

    Are you thinking about installing your interior door yourself? Then, buying a slab door would be helpful if you have prior experience. They are relatively simple to install, especially if you already have a door frame.

    It is important to note that slab doors do not include door frames, hinges, or other hardware; these need to be purchased separately. If you have a rectangular door frame, a slab door should be easily installed in that space.

    These doors may also need to be painted before or after installation. Most slab doors are unfinished, so you will also need to sand them before staining or painting them.

How to Choose Slab Doors for Your Home

  • Choose the Right Material

    Consider your needs and preferences when choosing the best material for your slab door. Don’t buy interior doors based on aesthetics alone. Take the time to determine the area of installation as well as how much money you are willing to spend.

    To make an informed choice, consider aspects like aesthetic compatibility, insulation qualities, and maintenance requirements.

  • Tailor Hardware and Finishes

    Consider choosing different finishes and hardware choices to go with your interior design to customize your slab doors further. The choice of surface treatment, from glossy to matte finishes, can significantly affect how the doors feel and look.

    Similarly, choosing the appropriate hardware – such as locks, hinges, and handles – can improve their appearance and usefulness while giving your house the ideal finishing touch.

  • Professional Installation and Maintenance.

    While slab doors are relatively easy to install, professional installation ensures the best fit and performance. Entrust this task to experienced carpenters or contractors to ensure precision and efficiency.

    Furthermore, follow recommended maintenance practices, such as regular cleaning and lubrication of the hardware. This will extend the life of your slab doors and keep them looking good for years to come.


  • Are slab doors appropriate for all interior designs?

    Slab doors are extremely versatile, complementing a wide range of interior styles, from contemporary to traditional.

  • Can you paint or stain slab doors?

    Yes, slab doors can be painted or stained to create the desired appearance. Whether you prefer a bold pop of colour or the natural beauty of wood grain, slab doors provide endless customization options.

  • Are slab doors energy-efficient?

    While slab doors may not contribute significantly to your home’s energy efficiency, selecting the right material and ensuring proper installation can help improve insulation and reduce heat loss.

  • Can slab doors be used in exterior applications?

    While slab doors are primarily intended for interior use, some materials, such as fibreglass and solid wood, are durable and weather-resistant enough to be used outdoors.

    However, selecting the appropriate material and ensuring proper sealing and protection from the elements is critical.

  • Is it easy to maintain slab doors?

    Yes, slab doors are relatively simple to maintain, requiring only periodic cleaning with a mild detergent and water solution. Additionally, lubricating their hinges and locks as needed ensures smooth operation and extends their life.

We hope that after reading this blog, you will be able to buy slab doors with ease. They offer many benefits and can make your space more functional. The Reno Superstore offers slab doors and other modern interior doors at the best prices in our Toronto store and online. If you are new to buying doors, consult our experts. They are here to help. We also offer easy financing options and home delivery to make your shopping experience convenient and fun. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products and services.

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