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Flooring trends come and go, but carpet flooring is a staple in many Canadian homes. It continues to be popular because it is affordable and produces such a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

We like to keep up with flooring news and trends here at The Reno Superstore. Therefore, if you intend to replace your old carpet with a more fashionable choice, stay tuned.

Here are some top trends to take into account.

Fashionable Carpet Flooring for Your Home

Giving your home a touch of elegance can be easy with the right carpet flooring. Here are some top carpeting trends to watch out for.

1. Opt For Sustainable Carpets

Eco-friendly carpets are becoming more and more popular as sustainability becomes an everyday issue for many Canadians. These carpets are biodegradable and renewable because they are made from natural fibres like wool, sisal, and jute. This makes them a great option for homeowners who care about the environment.

Due to their strength, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal, these fibres are becoming more popular. Wool carpets are in particularly high demand thanks to their inherent flame resistance and sound-absorbing qualities.

It must be noted that these carpets can be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. So make sure you have the budget for them before making your decision.

2. Choose Bold Patterned Carpets

Choose Bold Patterned Carpets

Want to make a statement? Choose boldly patterned carpeting. Geometric and abstract patterns are particularly popular as bold patterns are making a comeback in carpet flooring. If you have a primarily neutral room, then these rugs are a great way to make a statement.

If you are new to shopping for carpet flooring, be sure to read our guide on how to pick carpet flooring for your space. You can also consult our in-store experts to help you pick the right one.

3. Select Neutral Tone Carpets

Don’t like bold patterns? Carpets with neutral tones continue to be classics. They make wonderful additions to both homes and workplaces.

Carpets in shades of beige, grey, and cream offer a serene foundation for any space and go with a variety of decor types. Carpet offers great sound insulation, too, so they are perfect for office environments and quiet spaces.

4. Get Textured Carpets

Get Textured Carpets

In order to give their flooring depth and interest, homeowners are increasingly using carpets with texture. A few examples of textured carpet options that are gaining popularity include frieze carpets, cut and loop pile carpets, and shag carpets.

A growing number of people are choosing cut and loop pile carpets. These carpets are a fantastic option for high-traffic areas because of their distinctive texture and high level of durability.

While carpets have many benefits, there are challenges too, just like any other flooring; maintenance being one of them. So choose the right carpet, based on your lifestyle and its ease of maintenance.

5. Select Vintage or Antique Carpets

Do you want something unique? The distinctive patterns and historical significance of old and antique carpets make them very sought-after. These carpets are particularly well-liked in bohemian and eclectic decor styles and can add personality and a hint of luxury to any space.

These carpets can be on the expensive side, so make sure you have the budget for them.

6. Pick Contrast-Rich Carpets

As more homeowners look to make a bold statement with their flooring, high-contrast carpets with dark and light tones are growing in popularity. These carpets can have a dramatic effect and are frequently used in conjunction with simple furnishings and neutral walls to make a statement.

7. Get Geometrically-Shaped Carpets

Geometric shapes like diamonds, triangles, and hexagons are becoming more and more common in carpet design. These shapes can add a contemporary and fun touch to any space and are frequently used in minimalist or contemporary decor.

If you lack the necessary tools or don’t know how to do it, make sure you hire a professional to install your carpeting. For the best prices on carpet flooring installation in and around the GTA, get in touch with The Reno Superstore.

8. Choose Metallic-Accented Carpets

Choose Metallic-Accented Carpets

Metallic accents are a contemporary carpet design craze that adds a dash of glitz and sophistication to any room. In order to produce a subtle shimmer effect that catches the light, metallic threads are frequently woven into the carpet fibres.

9. Get Smart Striped Carpets

Stripes are a classic pattern that can help create an illusion of space, just like wooden floorboards. This is the ideal choice for busy areas because of its busy pattern, which makes it simple to conceal dirt or mishaps. Staircases are a great choice for this type of carpet, but they don’t have to be limited just to that area.

It is important to consider the area where carpet flooring is to be installed. That way you can invest in something that will endure the traffic of the space.

Carpet flooring is a great option for a wide variety of spaces. When choosing any carpet, it is crucial to take into account your lifestyle, overall decor, the installation area, and your budget. The Reno Superstore offers a wide variety of carpet flooring options at great prices in our Etobicoke and Toronto locations, as well as online. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need to update your space.

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