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If you are laying down new flooring in your Toronto home, you know how important it is to choose high-quality materials. Engineered hardwood flooring is a good choice for its durability and ability to look like hardwood without the huge price tag.

To that end, have you thought about installing Vidar engineered hardwood flooring? This reputable brand’s strength and style assure you peace of mind.

This post discusses why you may want to install Vidar Flooring in your Toronto home. While we offer a wide variety of great brands in our store and online, educating yourself about the brand you want to install is important.

Let’s take a look.

About the Brand

Vidar Flooring is one of the most reputable flooring brands in Canada, with over 500 distributors across the country. The company aims to offer its customers the best quality products and services. They source high-quality raw materials and manufacture engineered hardwood flooring products using the latest technology.

Top Reasons to Install Vidar Flooring for Your Next Project

Before buying engineered hardwood flooring for your Toronto home, you need to learn more about the brand you are investing in. Vidar Flooring offers many benefits, so let’s understand what it can bring to your home.

Here are some benefits of choosing Vidar Flooring.

1. High-Quality Product

Homeowners obviously prefer to buy reputable brands to be assured of a high-quality product. And changing your floors is a significant investment, so it should be worth your money. According to Vidar Flooring, engineered hardwood flooring uses high-quality raw materials from around the world to ensure you get the best quality product.

Make sure to use this checklist when shopping for the right flooring.

2. Superior Durability

You want your freshly installed floors to last for decades, so its durability is a requirement. The durability of Vidar Flooring’s products is significantly increased by their distinctive cross-grained, multi-layered, and open-slot plywood construction. This makes it a fantastic option for both offices and homes.

Superior Durability of Vidar Flooring

Vidar Flooring uses only sawn cut veneer and Baltic birch plywood for their engineered hardwood flooring, which helps to make it more durable and stable.

Consider this brand if you plan to install engineered hardwood flooring in your Toronto home.

3. Endless Choices

Vidar Flooring offers engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto in a wide range of colours, textures and designs. Explore their various product collections and ask The Reno Superstore staff to answer any questions you may have before purchasing.

It’s obviously a good idea to know what kind of flooring you want before you buy. For instance, do you want dark wood flooring or light? What you install in your space will have a significant impact on the overall look of your home.

If you are shopping for flooring for the first time, it’s a good idea to learn how to choose engineered flooring so you buy the right product.

4. Various Species

Engineered flooring has real hardwood veneer, available in various species. Vidar Flooring uses the highest quality of various hardwoods, such as white oak, walnut, hickory, and maple.

Each species has different characteristics, so you should consider which is best for your home. Have questions? Feel free to ask our experts for answers.

5. Long-Lasting Finish

When installing engineered hardwood flooring, it is crucial to have a long-lasting finish. Recently, Vidar Flooring has partnered with Bona of Sweden, and some of their best-selling products are finished using Bona paint.

Additionally, their products are UV-cured with aluminum oxide, making them resistant to scratches and daily wear and tear. When maintained properly, this finish will last for years.

6. Warranty Option

Vidar Flooring’s engineered hardwood flooring collection comes with a 25-year warranty from the date of purchase. Be sure to read the warranty’s fine print, as not following the manufacturer’s instructions may void the warranty.

Also, we recommend choosing professional installers from The Reno Superstore for the best installation. We offer affordable engineered hardwood flooring installation in and around Toronto.

Additional Maintenance Advice for Vidar Flooring Products

Properly maintaining and caring for your flooring is the best way to preserve your investment. Here are some recommendations on how to safeguard your Vidar flooring.

  • The best way to prevent scratches and scuffs on engineered hardwood flooring is to remove solid particles by vacuuming and dusting. Ensure your vacuum cleaner is in good working order to avoid scratching your floors.
  • Always use a damp mop and a non-wax floor cleaner (per manufacturer recommendations). Never use a wet cloth dripping with water or clean the floors with harsh chemicals like vinegar, ammonia, or bleach. These will strip the finish, leaving your flooring vulnerable to damage. Heavy furniture can damage the flooring.

Maintenance Advice for Vidar Flooring

  • To further protect your engineered hardwood flooring, help keep rooms clean by putting down area rugs or mats at busy entrances.
  • To prevent this, put protectors on the bottom of the furniture to protect it. This should also include instruments like pianos and appliances like your refrigerator.


Here are some common questions about Vidar engineered hardwood flooring.

How does engineered hardwood differ from solid hardwood flooring?

To make an informed purchase, read this blog to learn the main distinctions between engineered and solid hardwood.

What is the source of the wood used in Vidar’s engineered hardwood products?

As mentioned, Vidar Flooring sources raw materials from around the world to ensure customers get the best quality product.

Where do I go if I have an issue with the product?

If you face any issues with Vidar Flooring products purchased at The Reno Superstore, follow our return/exchange policy. Provided you fulfill the criteria, we can exchange or return the product. If need be, contact our experts to help you through the process.

Should I hire a professional installer, or can I install the engineered hardwood from Vidar Design Flooring myself?

If you have prior installation experience and the tools, you can definitely install it yourself. However, hiring a professional for engineered hardwood installation in your Toronto home is recommended for the best results. Remember, fixing subpar or poor installations will cost you more in the long run.

Who honours the warranty on Vidar Flooring products?

The manufacturer, Vidar Flooring, will honour your warranty. The Reno Superstore can facilitate the process.


Vidar Flooring’s engineered hardwood products are a great choice for your Toronto home. They are manufactured using the highest-quality materials and to the highest industry standards, making them durable and stylish options. Before you start adding their products to your cart, evaluate your lifestyle needs, installation area, and budget. The Reno Superstore offers Vidar Flooring at the best prices in Toronto. Get in touch with us today!

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