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Are you wondering which option is best for your bathroom – cabinets or a vanity? If you are going to remodel your bathroom, then this is something you are probably thinking about.

At The Reno Superstore, we offer a wide variety of both at amazing prices, but we want you to make an informed purchase. That’s why you should take a deeper look at bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Let’s get started.

Bathroom Vanity or Bathroom Cabinets: The Best Option for Your Space Is…

Having enough storage can make your bathroom a lot more useful. So, let’s have a look at bathroom vanities and cabinets and what they can offer.

What is a bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink/basin, a countertop, and cabinets or/or drawers that provide storage and help hide your plumbing. Together they make the space look put-together.

Its function is to offer a practical and convenient location for your grooming tasks as well as to store bathroom necessities like towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. The countertop stores personal items, and the sink is used to perform hygiene tasks like washing one’s hands and face.

To keep the bathroom tidy and clutter-free, we use the storage space underneath the countertop, which usually consists of cabinets and drawers. Bathroom vanities are available in a range of designs, shapes, and materials to accommodate various layouts and design tastes.

What is a bathroom cabinet?

What is a bathroom cabinet?

These are not to be confused with kitchen cabinets. Even though the installation and finish may seem similar, bathroom cabinets are slightly different.

These cabinets are usually 21 inches deep, making them a shallow storage space that can be hung on the wall. They also tend to be shorter, at about 30–32 inches high. Please make sure you measure your area accurately so you buy the right product.

If you are tall, adjust the height of the cabinets so you are comfortable using them.

What Are the Differences Between a Bathroom Cabinet and a Bathroom Vanity?

Let’s look at the difference between the two.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Cabinets

1. Function

A bathroom vanity is a finished item that comes with a countertop, a sink, and enough storage.

It provides a convenient space to store bathroom essentials and wash your hands, et cetera.

A bathroom cabinet is essentially a standalone storage unit. You can use it to store essentials like cleaning supplies and personal care items. It does not come with a countertop or a sink.

2. Design

Bathroom vanities tend to be elaborate, which helps add that finishing touch to your space.

You can choose mirrors, backsplashes, and other details to make your bathroom vanity stand out.

Bathroom cabinets do not have any elaborate finishes and tend to be on the simpler side.

They usually come with a basic set of shelves and drawers for storage.

3. Size and Installation

Space is an important consideration, and bathroom vanities take up more space than cabinets in general.

Even though small bathroom vanities are available, most are best suited to mid-sized or larger bathrooms.

It requires professional installation for the best results.

Bathroom cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and can be installed individually or as part of larger cabinetry.

This can be easily set up by anyone and does not usually require professional help.

4. Plumbing Considerations

Before getting any type of bathroom vanity, it is always a good idea to consider the current plumbing system.

Bathroom vanities have sinks and require plumbing connections for water supply and drainage.

Please note: Changing your existing plumbing at the time of bathroom vanity installation will incur extra costs.

Bathroom cabinets have a pretty straightforward design and do not require any plumbing connections.

5. Budget and Costs

Bathroom vanities can run from $400 to more than $3,000. The price will depend on its size and features, such as how many sinks it has.

Understanding your budget is always a good idea before making your final decision. It is important to keep in mind that any customization will incur additional costs.

If something affordable is what you need, then bathroom cabinets are definitely something to consider.

Since they have a pretty straightforward design, they tend to be a lot more affordable and are a great choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

6. Storage Capacity

The purpose of a bathroom vanity is to provide storage for bathroom accessories. They frequently have cabinets or drawers underneath the sink and countertop that offer convenient places to store toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other necessities.

As independent units, bathroom cabinets concentrate primarily on storage and provide more adaptable options for arranging towels, linens, and other items.

Think About These Aspects When Making Your Choice

Now you know the difference between the two, but that is not enough to make your final choice. Consider these factors too.

1. Size of the bathroom

Is your bathroom spacious or compact? Its size is the first thing that you must consider. If you have a large bathroom, you can go for a double sink bathroom vanity or even a customized option that suits your needs.

A bathroom cabinet is a huge space-saver and helps store your essentials. Please keep your space in mind when shopping for bathroom accessories or essentials, such as cabinets or vanities.

2. Consider your plumbing

As mentioned, if you are planning to install bathroom cabinets, there is no need to worry about the plumbing. However, bathroom vanities require plumbing and proper installation of drainage pipes; therefore, it is very important to consider the existing plumbing.

Make sure your plumbing is suitable for the bathroom vanity you are buying. You may have to make suitable holes in your vanity to accommodate the faucet or drainage pipes.

3. Understand the budget

When shopping for either a bathroom vanity or cabinet, be mindful of the costs. If you want to invest in a good quality vanity, you need to consider the price of installation and other factors; these include transportation and the vanity’s size, both of which will add to the final price. As mentioned, customization will mean higher costs.

A bathroom cabinet is the ideal storage option if you are on a tight budget.

4. Consider your lifestyle

When considering your dream bathroom, compile a list of your necessary items. Think about your storage needs and lifestyle before deciding how much space you need.

Are your kids going to use it? Do you need something just for storage? Pay close attention to these requirements, as well as who will use the bathroom cabinet or vanity and how. Knowing all of this will also enable you to install your vanities and cabinets at a suitable height to enable accessibility.

Cabinets and vanities are both excellent options for your bathroom. They are each unique and provide various advantages. The choice you ultimately make is up to you and your personal preferences. When making your final decision, consider your lifestyle and budget. If you have any additional questions about bathroom vanities, contact the experts at The Reno Superstore. We will be happy to assist you.

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