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Are you looking to install porcelain tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? They are an excellent choice for floors as well as walls. Hard, durable and stylish, they are readily available from most home renovation stores, including The Reno Superstore.

But how much do you know about porcelain tiles?

We always suggest taking time to understand your flooring before you buy it. Here we offer some essential facts about porcelain tiles.

9 Top Things to Know Before Installing Porcelain Tiles

Incredibly strong and water-resistant, porcelain tiles are undoubtedly a great flooring choice. Here are some key points to know to make your project a success.

1. Choosing the Right Tile 

Choosing the Right Tile

Not all porcelain tiles are built the same way. Some are best for floors while others are meant for walls. Some (but not most) can be used for either purpose.

This means that the tiles you bought to make your kitchen backsplash won’t work for your kitchen floors, and vice versa. This is because each tile comes with a different PEI rating. This is a system of categorization that measures the surface enamel’s resistance to abrasion.

Here is a quick guide:

0-2: This PEI rating is meant exclusively for walls;

3-4: This type of tile is versatile enough to be used on walls, floors, and countertops;

5: This is meant for heavy commercial and residential use, especially as flooring.

Still wondering how to choose the right kitchen tile? Speak with a Reno Superstore flooring expert to help you pick the right tile for your space.

2. Prep The Area

Not surprisingly, before you install your porcelain tiles, the area should be clean and ready.

Remove all furniture, wall hangings, and accessories off the floor. If you have trim, remove it too. If you are installing a bathroom floor, make sure to plug your drains with rags or other material. This will stop harmful gasses from entering your home.

3. Consider the Subfloor

Tiles are durable but are made for high-traffic areas and tend to be heavy. If you are planning to install the mon your home’s ground level, make sure the subfloor is strong enough to go ahead with the installation process. Ask your contractor about the thickness of the porcelain tile and if it would suit the subfloor you are working on.

4. Waterproof Moisture-Prone Areas

Waterproof Moisture

Kitchens and bathrooms experience a lot of humidity, so it is a good idea to get your floors and walls waterproofed before installing the porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles are not porous, meaning they do not allow water to enter, but the grout used to seal them is not water-resistant. So it is best to ask your installer to waterproof the room. That way it will always hold up longer, reducing the chance of mould and mildew.

5. Prepare Doors and Entryways

When you install new porcelain tiles, your floors may become slightly elevated, depending on their thickness. This can make it difficult to open and close your doors.

To solve this issue, remove the doors from their hinges before you begin to lay tiles near the doorway. Depending on the installation, your doors may need to be planed slightly after the project is over.

6. Choose The Right Brand

Brand-new flooring is a significant investment, so it is only wise to buy quality products from reputable brands. Before making any purchase, always read customer reviews online. These offer valuable insight into their quality. The Reno Superstore offer high-quality porcelain tiles from a variety of well-known brands, including Anatolia and Olympia.

7. Understand the Cost Involved

New floors are expensive enough. Then add in the cost of transportation and installation charges. Porcelain tiles are slightly more expensive than regular vinyl flooring; plus there is the cost of grout and other materials.

It is very important to review your budget to understand the total cost. Take advantage of our financing or renovate room by room to reduce expenses.

8. Create an Estimated Timeline

How long are you planning to renovate? A month? A few days? Whenever you renovate any space, it is a good idea to calculate the time necessary to complete the project.

Renovating is always a hassle and upsets your daily routine. The best way to go about is to create a timeline with your contractor. Plan ahead and make necessary arrangements to finish your project in a timely manner.

9. Hire a Professional Team

“Teamwork makes the dream work” is not far from the truth. Hiring the right people makes a huge difference to a renovation. Not only does it speed up the work but it also helps you get the job done right the first time.

Installing porcelain tiles on your own can be a challenge. They are quite heavy and need serious groundwork before you can lay them. It is best to avoid the hassle and select a professional installer like us to complete your project. The Reno Superstore offers financial assistance as well as affordable installation in Mississauga and Toronto.

Installing porcelain tile is a great idea but requires due consideration. What kind of porcelain tile is best? Should you have them waterproofed? Can you install them yourself? The Reno Superstore offers home renovation products at unbeatable prices to help you save. Let us help you plan your next project.

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