Toucan Flooring

Toucan Flooring

Toucan Flooring

Don’t just install floors. With Toucan Flooring in Toronto and Mississauga, you can make memories. Toucan Flooring is a Canadian brand with expertise in creating stunning and durable flooring products for all kinds of environments. This cost-effective and stylish laminate flooring is like no other. Shop for this premium-quality laminate flooring at amazing prices at The Reno Superstore.

Looking for laminates from Toucan Flooring in Toronto and Mississauga?

The Reno Superstore is the best place to find their high-quality laminate flooring. Laminate is a smart choice for homes and businesses that want to improve their flooring without breaking the bank. In addition, Toucan laminate flooring offers stylish flooring solutions that flawlessly mimic various materials such as hardwood, bamboo, marble, as well as geometric designs. Laminates can also be installed in humid areas of your home and office with ease. What makes Toucan laminates truly stand out is their intelligent, water-resistant design. Each laminate plank is made using Jihae’s super high-density fiberboards rated AC3/AC4 and WAX sealed on the lock and joint. This means floors that are stronger, more stable, and more durable.

Toucan flooring Toronto
Toucan Laminate flooring Toronto

Is your laminate losing its colour and shine? Specially-designed Toucan laminate flooring is coated with varnish multiple times to ensure long-lasting shine and colour. Each plank has one coat of aluminum oxide to ensure fade resistance. And the final layer is completed with Jihae’s award-winning Highlight Wearable Melamine Impregnated Paper. Not only does this offer high-definition images for more realistic floors, but it is resistant to abrasion, so your floors are prepared for anything life throws at (or drops on) them. Enjoy the feel of timeless hardwood, or sophisticated marble floors without the cost.

Why install vinyl flooring from Toucan in your home or office in Toronto or Mississauga?

The Reno Superstore offers vinyl from Toucan at competitive prices. Vinyl is ideal for all kinds of spaces and highly favoured for its versatility and affordability. Planning to redesign a space was never easier! Toucan offers a vast collection of SPC and WPC vinyl flooring of unmatched design and quality. Both these options are 100% waterproof and the perfect way to improve flooring in highly humid areas such as bathrooms and basements. SPC vinyl flooring is a considerably newer product whose signature rigid core offers heightened stability and durability. WPC vinyl, meanwhile, is considered the gold standard of vinyl flooring. It features a waterproof core, is resilient underfoot, and is comfortable to walk on as it retains warmth. Toucan Flooring offers both these variants in various styles and finishes.

Toucan vinyl flooring Toronto

Available in our Toronto and Mississauga area retail stores, as well as online, Toucan Flooring products are available at The Reno Superstore at competitive prices. Laminate and vinyl flooring are great and affordable options that do not compromise on style or quality. Shop for Toucan Flooring now at The Reno Superstore to transform your home or office.

Buy Toucan Flooring Products at Best Prices in Toronto & Mississauga

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