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Porcelain tiles are popular among homeowners both in Toronto and around the world. This is hardly surprising given their extreme versatility, sturdiness, and style.

So, knowing what’s coming up in terms of porcelain tile trends is crucial when visiting tile stores in and around Toronto, especially if you want to stay on top of current styles.

Tile suppliers in Toronto (as anywhere else) regularly change their designs to keep up with the latest trends. We at The Reno Superstore like to stay ahead of the curve, so let’s look at the trends in porcelain tiles we foresee for 2024.

Let’s get started.

Top 2024 Trends in Toronto Tile Shops

There are a few rules you need to follow when shopping at tile stores in Toronto, and one of them is being aware of the latest tile trends, including:

1. Getting Playful with Classic Designs

This combines getting creative with playing it safe. Trying out classic silhouettes in playful patterns is a great way to create style without the risk of going out of style. The thing with trends is that they tend to fade, so you need to choose your porcelain tiles with care.

This new trend is a clever way of using classic subway tiles and a chevron or herringbone pattern to give it a new look. With this, you get to explore endless possibilities.

2. Installing it Everywhere

The best part about porcelain tiles is that they can be installed on your walls and floors. Of course, there are differences between walls and floor tiles, so make sure you understand what they are.

Installing it Everywhere

In this style, you use your favourite porcelain tile to cover every inch of your space. This trend, known as surface drenching, will be very popular in 2024. Here, you install the same type of tile on the walls, floors, countertops, and even your backsplash. This gives the room a bold and dramatic look.

3. Choosing Bold Marble Designs

2024 is expected to be a year for bold marble design. Marble is a natural stone synonymous with luxury, durability, and style but can be very costly to install. The best alternative is porcelain, which mimics it faithfully.
This is an excellent way to modernize your space if you intend to install bold marble designs in your kitchen or bathroom. Just make sure your porcelain tiles are professionally installed to last a lifetime.

4. Introducing Textured Tiles

This trend is your perfect excuse to install textured tiles if you find texture interesting. This is an excellent opportunity to add visual interest and design to your space.

A great application for textured or tactile tiles is on your bathroom floor. Adding these tiles will reduce the possibility of accidents on what can be a slippery surface. On the downside, dirt and dust can settle into the grooves of these textures, making them difficult to clean.

5. Bringing in the Wood

Hardwood flooring is all the rage but unsuitable for high-moisture areas of your home. That’s why we expect to see more wood-design porcelain tiles in 2024. Installing hardwood-lookalike tiles is a great idea for your space at any time.

Bringing in the Wood

Just make sure you choose reputable tile suppliers in Toronto, like The Reno Superstore, for your next purchase. They will ensure that you have long-lasting and durable options for your home. You can also ask for slip-resistant designs.

6. Enjoying Rich Colours

Rich colour schemes that draw inspiration from nature are predicted to become more popular in the coming year. This is the perfect trend if you like bright colours or want tiles that go with your indoor plants.

These earthy colours and rich tones create a warm, inviting space perfect for homes and offices. Install colours like rich terracotta, lush green, rich blues, and other warm colours.

7. Getting Geometric Shapes

Porcelain tiles come in various shapes and sizes, and this year celebrates this feature. If you are looking for an interesting design and are not afraid to experiment, this is the one for you. Geometric designs are making a big comeback in 2024, so expect to see a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

If you want something as busy as a Moroccan-style tile or abstract shapes and patterns, we recommend using an equal mix of bold patterns and simpler designs. This will allow the geometric patterns to stand out and not overwhelm the space.


  • Are eco-friendly and sustainable tiles becoming more popular in Toronto?

    Yes. Many Toronto tile suppliers provide environmentally friendly options, such as recycled tile materials and those made from energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

  • Is it possible to find large-format tiles in Toronto in 2024?

    Certainly! In 2024, large-format tiles will remain popular. Explore the latest collections for a modern and spacious look by visiting tile suppliers in Toronto, such as The Reno Superstore.

  • Are there any colour trends in tiles this year?

    Yes, warm and earthy tones and green and blue shades will be popular in 2024. Visit tile suppliers to find a variety of colours that will complement the aesthetic of your space.

  • What types of textured tiles will be popular in Toronto in 2024?

    Matte finishes, 3D patterns, and tactile surfaces are popular choices for textured tiles. These tiles add depth and character to spaces and are available from a variety of tile suppliers in Toronto.

  • Are there any innovative tile materials available this year?

    Absolutely! Look for unusual materials such as porcelain slabs, glass tiles, and metallic finishes. Toronto tile suppliers frequently stock a wide range of materials to accommodate a variety of design preferences.

  • Can I find outdoor-appropriate tiles from Toronto tile suppliers?

    Yes, there are many tile suppliers in Toronto who sell outdoor tiles. They are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and come in a variety of styles to complement your outdoor living spaces.

  • How can I keep up with the latest tile trends in Toronto?

    Follow local tile suppliers on social media, visit their showrooms, and attend design events. Many Toronto tile suppliers also send newsletters on new arrivals and emerging tile trends. For instance, you can follow The Reno Superstore on Facebook and Instagram for these types of updates.

  • Do Toronto tile suppliers offer custom tile designs?

    Yes, they do. Inquire with local suppliers about customization options and discuss your preferences for a unique and personalized tile solution.

2024 is going to be an eventful year in the world of flooring, with something for everyone. It is important to showcase your personal style. Visit tile shops in Toronto to get an idea of the various styles available and see what appeals to you most. The Reno Superstore has the best prices on tiles in Toronto, so come in and check them out or place your order online. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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