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Are your hardwood floors cupping? Are they being scratched up daily?

The Reno Superstore has encountered so many hardwood flooring horror stories that there is little that surprises us.

Properly maintaining your hardwood flooring is the secret to keeping it looking good for years to come.

Hardwood floors are a classic and excellent choice, and looking after them is fairly simple and straightforward, although a lot can go wrong.

Their maintenance is something you should never take for granted. So, watch out for early signs of trouble and address them before it’s too late.

Here are some common threats to hardwood flooring and how to manage them.

Some Common Problems with Hardwood Flooring

Beautifully maintained hardwood floors can last for generations. Although they are quite sturdy, taking care of them will help them last longer. Here are some of the common threats to hardwood floors.

1. Water Exposure  

Water is the number one enemy of hardwood flooring. Any moisture that comes from above or below the subfloor can lead to bigger issues.

Always check for:

  • Leaking appliances
  • Bad plumbing
  • Groundwater intrusion through a perforated vapour barrier
  • Moisture from the concrete subfloor
  • Exposure to water for cleaning purposes
  • Humid weather

If your concrete subfloors have not completely dried, your hardwood floors are in danger of becoming wet from it. Also, note the terrain of your property, including where it is exposed to water runoff or tends to have high humidity. Food and water spills, too, if not cleaned up quickly, may lead to problems. In short, any form of long-standing water on hardwood floors is a no-no.

2. Daily Activities 

Your hardwood floors go through daily wear and tear, like any other flooring. From running pets and moving furniture to wearing high heels, daily activities wear your floor down.

But there is a way to minimize these factors. And learning how to care for your floors is always the first step.

High heels can scuff and scratch your floors. The solution is to not wear shoes indoors. Have furry friends? The best way to tackle scratches dulling the floor is to trim their nails and install carpet to manage the damage. Cleaning up accidental spills and leaks can go a long way towards maintaining your floors.

3. Direct Exposure to Sunlight 

Direct Exposure to Sunlight

Don’t you just love sunlight streaming through your windows? Unfortunately, the effects on hardwood flooring results are not so loveable.

Direct exposure to sunlight over time can dull or darken your hardwood floors over time, with strong UV light causing them to age and become weathered. The best way to tackle this is by installing carpet or getting area rugs for the flooring exposed to sunlight.

4. Little to No Acclimation  

At The Reno Superstore, we too often see customers eager to install their wooden flooring right. This invariably leads to problems.

Whenever you install hardwood flooring, always make sure it has undergone 48 to 72 hrs of acclimatization. In simple terms, your wood flooring needs to get used to the average temperature and humidity of your home before it is installed. This process allows them to either absorb or lose moisture to the surrounding space, which stabilizes it.

Once the boards are stable, they won’t expand or contract as long as the environment remains more or less constant.

5. Subpar or Poor Installation 

Subpar or Poor Installation

Poor or substandard installation will lead to cupping, awkward gaps, crowned edges and other issues. These fixes are not only difficult, but costly.

The best plan is to hire experienced installers like The Reno Superstore. So, if you are a DIY home renovation enthusiast, it’s best to go pro this time, especially if you have no experience laying down wood flooring.

Understanding the common threats to your hardwood floor is important. Adhering to proper cleaning and maintenance can add years to its life. Each type of flooring, no matter how expensive, undergoes wear and tear, but proper maintenance protects your investment. Need help with your hardwood flooring? Get in touch with the experts at The Reno Superstore.

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