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Choosing the right flooring is challenging thanks to the number of options. Engineered hardwood, porcelain tiles, and vinyl are just some of the most popular materials, making shopping for flooring confusing.

But making the right choice is possible, and this blog will help.

The Reno Superstore always guarantees fair pricing on flooring. And we want you to save even more when renovating your home. To that end we’ve created this smart flooring checklist.

Let’s check it out.

Flooring Checklist: 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Kind

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of flooring options. This guide will simplify the process to let you shop faster and better.

1. Try Sampling : Getting samples before you buy is a smart decision. If you are buying online or even from a showroom, the actual product may differ when you install it in your home or office.
Your lighting and the color of paint on the walls play important roles in your flooring choice, as does your decor. The bottom line is it needs to look good in your space.
So, try sampling. It is a foolproof way to ensure you choose the right product before you spend a penny.

2. Order All at Once : When installing solid or engineered hardwood flooring, make sure you compare for consistency. Manufacturers try to match color and grain consistency, but variations can occur between batches.
The solution? Order all your flooring (if you are ordering the same product) at one time. This ensures that the product is consistent throughout.

Pro Tip: If you are ordering laminate flooring, your floorboards may exhibit a similar pattern. This will, however, make your laminate floors look fake. To reduce repetition, shuffle floorboards from multiple packages to give your floor an increased dimension.

3. Measure Correctly:
This is something we cannot stress enough. Taking accurate measurements is absolutely important. Measuring mistakes can lead to cost overruns on reordering your flooring. Plus, it may delay your project.
Rule of thumb states the flooring you need is determined by multiplying the length and width of the room’s square footage. Make sure to add 7 to 10% extra for waste, bad samples, and future repairs.
If you don’t know how to measure your floor accurately, consult a flooring expert.

4. Consider Your Lifestyle: You know your needs best. So, always prioritize your lifestyle. Choose high-functioning flooring for high-traffic common areas of your home or commercial space. Porcelain tiles and thick engineered hardwood are good choices for such areas. For less busy areas, consider vinyl, laminate or even hardwood flooring.

5. Choose Reputable Brands: Wondering what the top engineered hardwood flooring brands are? Always make sure to do thorough research before selecting any brand of flooring. It is recommended that you pick reputable manufacturers as they ensure top quality products and offer warranties.


The Reno Superstore has plenty of top name brands at great prices. Speak to our flooring experts to help you find the right product within your budget.

6. Check the Certification: Each type of good quality flooring comes with its own certification. Certification means the product is made sustainably, follows industry standards, and is safe as well as durable.
For instance, Floor Score is the most recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard that is valid for flooring materials such as vinyl and engineered hardwood. Ask the flooring company if your chosen flooring comes with a certification.

7. Prep Before You Install: Both engineered and solid hardwood flooring need 48 to 72 hours to acclimate or rest before installation. This process helps your floorboards achieve equilibrium with the room’s temperature and moisture content. Properly acclimating your flooring will prevent buckling or unsightly gaps between boards.
Consult with your contractor to plan out your project accordingly, so you can stay within the set timeline.

8. Hire Professionals: Professional installation is not cheap, but doing it yourself is a challenge if you don’t have prior experience.
Any minor issue or subpar installation can cause serious long-term damage to your brand-new floor. So, it is best if installed by experts. Flooring comes with specific terms and conditions that become null and void if not installed correctly.


Smart Ways To Save

  • Shop online. This is a smart way to compare prices for the products you like.
  • Have opened or damaged boxes of flooring? Return policies usually state you cannot return such products, but doesn’t mean you have to waste them. Instead, install them in areas where minor flaws won’t be noticed.
  • Take advantage of discounts and seasonal sales. Renovating during the holiday season, for instance, can save you money.
  • Want to save money when hiring a pro? Try doing some small jobs yourself, like removing old carpet and nails, and vacuuming up any dirt or dust.

Planning and implementation is crucial when it comes to shopping smart and saving money. We hope this guide was helpful in shedding light on managing your shopping more efficiently. Understanding your needs and budget helps you figure out the type of flooring you should install. The Reno Superstore is open seven days a week to help you sort out any renovation worries. Our retail stores in Toronto and Mississauga have the latest collections of flooring, vanities, and other supplies. Get in touch with us to plan your next project.

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