Triforest – EIR Collection TF6002
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6002
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6011
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6010
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6009
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6008
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6005
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6003
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6021
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6019
Triforest – EIR Collection TF6012

Triforest – EIR Collection 7.68″ x 48″ x 12.3mm

$2.59 /sqft

Stylish and impeccably designed to resemble genuine hardwood, these laminates are a great way to style a space. The EIR collection delivers 100% on its promise of performance and style.

  • Available in 10 stunning colours: TF6002, TF6003, TF6005, TF6008, TF6009, TF6010, TF6011, TF6012, TF6019, TF6021
  • Dimensions: 7.68″ width x 48″ length x 12.3 mm thickness
  • Every box contains 20.51 sq. ft.
  • Manufactured by Triforest Flooring


1 box = 20.51 sq. ft.

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Engineered with the latest technology, the EIR Collection from Triforest Flooring is built to exceed expectations. Available in different textures and 10 unique shades, there are plenty of options to choose from. Find the perfect floor for your space with Triforest Flooring.

Affordable and stylish, these laminates impeccably emulate the look and feel of real hardwood. Triforest laminates come with multiple finishes of varnish and aluminum oxide, with additional melamine-impregnated paper that promises improved abrasion and stain resistance.

These laminate floors need to acclimate prior to installation and are ideal for floating installation only. The product offers increased water resistance, and the structural integrity of the laminate planks will not be compromised when exposed to moisture.

Triforest laminate products are available at The Reno Superstore. Find them at the best prices both in our online and retail stores in Mississauga and Toronto. Get in touch to learn more about the product.

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TF6002, TF6003, TF6005, TF6008, TF6009, TF6010, TF6011, TF6012, TF6019, TF6021



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