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NAF – Engineered Hardwood Oak Collection 6.5″ x 3/4″ Milano

$6.09 sq. ft.

This distinctive and beautiful engineered oak floor is a sight to behold. Floors @ Work brings you a floor that only gets better with age.

  • Wood Species: Oak 
  • Available in: Milano shade 
  • Planks: 6.5” wide, 0.7” thick (in random length planks) 
  • Every box contains 20.25 sq. ft 
  • Manufactured by Floors @ Work 
  • A 30-year residential installation warranty

1 box = 20.25 sq. ft.

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Oak is considered the king of wood for its durability and beauty which only improves with time. Redefine your home with the opulent, timeless appeal of oak-style engineered hardwood floors. 

Pronounced grain patterns give your floors a traditional beauty, with wire-brushed planks enhancing the texture and look of the grain. The planks come 6.5” wide and 0.7” thick, in random lengths that allow you to choose accordingly for your floors. 

The aluminum oxide UV coating prevents damage from external elements.  Additionally, Floors @ Work offers a 30-year residential warranty on this product.

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