Canadian Engineered White Oak Verita

Appalachian – Canadian Engineered White Oak Verita Collection Live Sawn Character 7″ x 3/4″

$8.49 /sqft

This species features neutral colored heartwood that varies from light beige to light brown. The sapwood can be paler or greyer. The grain pattern in White Oak is quite distinct due to the difference between the appearance of the open and closed grain. Classic oak patterning, including cathedral peaks, will be predominant in the Excel grade while vertical linear grain will rule the R&Q Excel grade. Classic grain will be predominant in Live Sawn Character grade, and vertical grain will also be accepted.

Live Sawn Character:

Grade prized for its natural color variation and heavy character. Every floor done in this grade will have a unique appearance. Classic grain will be predominant and vertical grain is accepted. Unlimited mineral streaks, character marks, ray flecks, cracks and splits are permitted, as are sound, patched and open knots



1 box = 15.67 sq. ft.

  • Required sq. ft. should be a multiple of 15.67
  • Additional savings may be available via an e-coupon. Ask a sales rep if applicable.


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7" x 3/4"


Live Sawn Character

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