Webster SDN
Webster SDN
Webster SDN Atmosphere Grey
Webster SDN Brown Bag
Webster SDN Chimaera
Webster SDN Comet Grey
Webster SDN Desert Beige
Webster SDN Graffiti Beige
Webster SDN Haze On The Town
Webster SDN Morning Cloud
Webster SDN Pearl Grey
Webster SDN Soft Cameo
Webster SDN Velvety Bistre
Webster SDN White Leather

Webster SDN

Designed for modern homes, these carpets provide you with the ultimate in comfort and warmth. Enjoy the beauty of these plush nylon carpets from Beaulieu Canada. 

  • Available in 12 stunning colours: Atmosphere Grey, Brown Bag, Chimera, Comet Grey, Desert Beige, Graffiti Beige, Haze on the Town, Morning Cloud,  Pearl Grey, Soft Cameo, Velvety Bistre, White Leather
  • Style Name: Webster SDN
  • Fibre Type: 100% Solution-Dyed Nylon
  • Manufactured by Beaulieu Canada
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Made using high-quality nylon, Nyluxe is a luxuriant carpet collection from Beaulieu Canada. Built to last, these carpets have a 20-year texture and wear resistance warranty. 

Enjoy the beauty of these rich, long-lasting carpets that prevent slips and cushion falls. Advanced Stain Control protects them from staining while the SoilScreen feature keeps soil particulates from settling. The result is cleaner-looking carpets. Beaulieu Canada offers a 20-year warranty that guarantees wear resistance and texture retention. 

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