Baseboards in Toronto

Without the finishing touch of baseboards and trim in Toronto after completing a renovation or installing of new floors, you cannot achieve the space’s fullest potential of visual beauty and luxury. At The Reno Superstore showroom and online shopping concept, we carry a huge selection of baseboard, mouldings, and trim of various sizes, styles and thickness. We have endless styles of baseboards such as, flat baseboard moulding, sculpted baseboards with various heights, Victorian, major trim and vinyl. When it comes to the type material, the most popular is MDF. This is due to its ease of installation and inexpensive cost. If you are looking for longevity or durability, then you can also choose from the luxurious pine, poplar or natural wood finishes. We are pleased to announce that we stock all styles in all finishes and that we can arrange same day pick or shipping within 24-48 hours. Browse our below selections and immediately order or inquire about the trim you love. Stop by our amazing showroom to see for yourself !

Baseboards are often overlooked when remodeling your home. It is important to note that baseboards and tirm in Toronto play a massive role in protecting your walls as well serve as a finishing piece after installing new floors. An aesthetic finish that hides corner joints and space between the wall and the edge of your floors. Without them, your space may not look attractive and your walls will be exposed to potential scuffs from shoes, vacuums and other hazards. A general rule of thumb says that your baseboards should match other trim designs and styles around the house.

At the Reno Superstore in Toronto we have a massive selection of quality baseboards, trims and mouldings with different sizes. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the best quality baseboards in Toronto, always in stock and guaranteed to match your décor perfectly at the best price!

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