Glass tiles in Toronto

If you are interested in upgrading your home, specifically your kitchen or bath, come to your local Reno Superstore or shop within our unique online portal to see what’s in store for luminous glass tiles and mosaics in Toronto. Here you can find all sorts of glass tiles styles, such as, the famous diamond hex, the elegant floral or the traditional interlock look. Our massive showroom and online catalogue is connected to our even larger warehouse, so you can rest assured that we will always carry stock and not delay your project. Visit our showroom now, or shop below to find the glass and mosaic you love.

Glass tiles in Toronto have major similarities to the traditional ceramic tile we are used it. They are installed the same way, both are easy to maintain, durable and resistant to most common stains. Common methods of installation such as the Achilles Heel method require grout to be sealed or treated to prevent grout staining. The major difference between glass and ceramic, other than material type, is how they reflect light. Because glass is translucent some light gets through and is reflected at the wall where the adhesive is. It is highly important to ensure a smooth and consistent application as to prevent the imperfections of installations to be visible through the glass tiles. It’s also smart to select the colour and style of glass tiles last, after selecting other room finishes. Most glass mosaic tiles are installed using mesh backing, making it easier to Do-It-Yourself.
At the Reno Superstore we place customer service at highest importance. If our customer is not satisfied, then everything else becomes irrelevant. Through quality product and unbeatable prices, we can ensure that our customer is happy. We also pride ourselves with top experience and knowledge making your reno experience an informative one. Stop by today, check out our massive selection of glass tiles in Toronto, and pick the brains of our staff with all the questions you have!

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