Solid Hardwood Flooring

The Reno Superstore offers and supplies hundreds of different solid hardwood flooring products in Toronto and the GTA within our award winning showroom and also on our online catalogue just a few clicks away. Within our mega showroom, you will find elegantly displayed samples making your reno shopping easier and effortless. Our system and model has it’s own distribution and logistics centre allowing you to choose, order and arrange immediate pick-up or delivery within 24-48 hours.

Selecting your hardwood can be complicated, however at The Reno Superstore, there are hundreds of different types, species, and sizes of hardwood floors. Our specialists have all the answers to your flooring questions and can make your experience fun and not stressful. The benefits of hardwood flooring are plentiful. Not only is hardwood stronger, more durable and easier to clean, installing new hardwood floors add luxurious value to your home. Whatever species you are looking for we got it, from Maple, Ash, Hickory, to Exotics from all around the world. We also carry various styles, sheens and textures. Browse our selection below to inquire and/or conveniently place your order for immediate pick-up or delivery. Stop by our showroom and get the best price now !

Floors are an excellent way to showcase a home’s beauty and a way to transform boring looking space into something eye appealing. Solid hardwood flooring in Toronto, today is more popular than ever. Often the first renovation to happen, it can really have a drastic effect on character that can be seen immediately after installation. Finally, finding and taking home your new floors are easier than ever.

At the Reno Superstore we value our customers and prioritize customer satisfaction as much as the quality in our products. Our prices are low and along with our knowledgeable and helpful specialists, customers can find exactly what they are looking for and have their solid hardwood floors in Toronto the same day.

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