Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Within our expansive showroom, or a few clicks away within our unique online store, The Reno Superstore, is here to serve you the very best selection and quality of engineering hardwood flooring in Toronto. Here you will find the best engineering hardwood flooring in Toronto with a wide variety of options with different colours, surface textures, and thickness. Our showroom is set up strategically to help you find your floor without spending precious time wasting on shopping around. Our showroom and online store concept has made it easier than ever. You can order the material from the showroom or through our online portal below and pick it up or get it delivered on the same day. Browse our selection below. Or better yet, drop by and see for yourself !

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Do you fare the natural wood look, but seek the flexibility and durability for high traffic, unorthodox areas such as the kitchen or basement? Well the Reno Superstore with all its glory has the product and solutions to all your home project needs. The ideal floor with high tech multilayered high-density fibers with razor cut top layer Oak, Maple, Ash, or Hickory to name a few. Highly versatile and resistant to humidity and temperature, you can lay your engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto and see it survive decades of winters. In addition to the variety of styles, customers can choose from various install techniques such as nail down, stapled or glued down, or the infamous click systems.

At the Reno Superstore in Toronto our number one priority is customer services. Through our immaculate selection of quality floors and knowledgeable staff, providing customer satisfaction comes second nature. The only time we see our customers again is when they want more material, or they brought in their family and friends. Customer referrals are major portion of our success. Come in and see for yourself, one of our specialists is waiting to help you find the best engineered hardwood flooring in Toronto

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