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Want to revamp your bathroom? It can be an exciting process, and a popular renovation is to buy a bathroom vanity with a sink. These serve as a functional focal point for the room, so buying them requires some thought. Should you choose a freestanding or a floating vanity? And which sink is ideal for your vanity?

Most bathroom vanities do not come with a sink, so learning how to buy both is important. At The Reno Superstore, we offer a wide range of bathroom vanities with sinks at the best prices. Here is our guide to buying one.

Let’s get started.

Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Bathroom Vanity with a Sink

Just looking at different bathroom vanity styles is not enough. If you are a first-time buyer, then there are certain things you need to consider before you buy a bathroom vanity with a sink.

1. Understand Your Needs

Before delving into your vast array of options, take a moment to assess your specific requirements. Everyone’s needs are different, so it is important to consider that aspect before you head to the store. How much storage space do you need? And what is the available space for a bathroom vanity in your bathroom? What type of plumbing do you have?

Understanding your needs may appear simple at first, but most homeowners don’t do it. This leads to problems during installation, which are best avoided. In addition, you will need to determine your storage requirements based on the number of users and the items you intend to store in the vanity.

2. Consider Your Style and Design Preferences

There are numerous advantages to installing a bathroom vanity with a sink. When remodelling your space, simply purchasing a stylish bathroom vanity with a sink is not the best option. You also need to ensure it complements your existing decor and reflects your style.

Consider Your Style and Design Preferences

A freestanding bathroom vanity is a classic choice, while a floating vanity suits a more modern space. There are many other modern vanity styles available in Toronto renovation, so don’t hesitate to ask The Reno Superstore staff for help. Whether you prefer sleek modern designs, rustic charm, or timeless elegance, there are many styles from which to choose. Be sure to select a vanity that complements your overall interior decor theme.

3. Select the Right Vanity Size

The dimensions of your bathroom vanity are important for its practicality and aesthetic appeal, so always take precise measurements of the installation area.

Consider the size of your bathroom and the available space for the vanity. Measure the area where you intend to install it and make sure there is enough space for the doors, drawers and easy movement around the unit.

Select a vanity that fills the space with enough countertop area and storage without being too large. It is important to consider the space available for the sink when purchasing a bathroom vanity and sink. Make sure the sink’s size does not conflict with the vanity size. Note: sometimes, sinks do not come with a vanity, so make sure yours does.

4. Select the Right Material

Modern vanities in Toronto come in a variety of materials. Your choice of material all greatly impacts your bathroom vanity’s longevity, appearance, and upkeep.

Here is a quick look at different vanity materials.

  • Solid wood vanities provide natural warmth and durability but require regular maintenance to avoid water damage. Similar to hardwood flooring, these are prone to warping and cracking if not properly sealed and can be more expensive than engineered materials.
  • Particle wood vanities are budget-friendly options, and the strength will vary depending on the density of the material. It is vulnerable to moisture damage.
  • MDF (medium-density fiberboard) vanities fall somewhere between the above two options. It is stronger than particle board, is an affordable choice for bathroom vanities, and tends to work well in moist environments.

These are a few of the bathroom vanity materials that are generally available in the market. Ask the showroom experts at The Reno Superstore to help you understand what material the bathroom vanity is made of.

5. Pick the Right Sink

Choosing the right bathroom vanity sink is an important decision. We recommend understanding the type and number of sinks you would like in your bathroom. Most standard-size and small bathroom vanities can fit only one sink, but if you have a large bathroom vanity, then you can definitely opt for two.

There are various types of bathroom sinks available, such as.

  • The integral sink is where the bathroom vanity comes with a sink.
  • An undermount sink is where the sink is set underneath the vanity countertop instead of being placed on top.
  • The drop-in style is where the sink has a lip that rests on the countertop. This style allows you to add small items and extra countertop space.
  • The vessel sink style is where the sink rests on the countertop’s surface. This style is popular but takes up a lot of countertop space.

Make sure you check if the bathroom vanity comes with a sink or if you need to buy it separately.

6. Select a Bathroom Faucet

No bathroom vanity with a sink will ever be functional without the right faucet. We recommend learning how to shop for faucets properly for the best purchase. Here are some options to consider.

  • A wide-set faucet, also known as a widespread faucet, has separate hot and cold handles and a single spout.
  • The center-set faucet has a single base unit that houses the spout and the valves. It could have two handles set on a 6″ plate or a single-handle mixing lever.
  • The single-hole faucet is sleek and ideal for modern bathroom vanities in your Toronto home. It may have a single handle or two handles for hot and cold water.
  • Select a Bathroom Faucet

  • Vessel faucets reach out over a vessel sink and are taller than typical faucets. Installation types include single-hole, centre-set, and wide-set.

Take your time and select the right bathroom faucet. Consider the type of sink you have when choosing the faucet.


  • How should a bathroom vanity be measured?

    The width and depth of the available space should be measured before measuring for a bathroom vanity. Consider any obstructions, like doors or fixtures, and make sure there is enough room for comfortable use.

  • Is it possible for me to install a sink and vanity myself?

    While some homeowners may be able to complete the installation themselves, it is important to evaluate your abilities and level of experience before trying installation. Expert installation reduces the possibility of mistakes and guarantees accuracy.

  • How should my bathroom vanity with sink be maintained and cleaned?

    Maintaining your bathroom vanity’s aesthetic appeal and functionality requires routine cleaning and upkeep. Wipe down surfaces frequently with soft cloths and non-abrasive cleaners, and take quick care of any problems.

  • What should I consider when setting a budget for a bathroom vanity with sink?

    Consider material quality, size, brand reputation, and extra features when setting a budget for bathroom vanity. Remember to budget for any required upgrades or accessories, as well as installation fees.

  • Is it possible to alter the bathroom vanity and sink to better fit my needs?

    Bathroom vanities can be customized to your exact specifications in terms of size, style, and features by choosing from a variety of suppliers. With the supplier, go over your customization preferences to ensure that the vanity meets all of your needs. Any customization will cost extra and cannot be returned or exchanged.

A bathroom vanity with a sink is a major purchase that needs to be carefully considered. Understanding your requirements, weighing your options, and putting quality and functionality first will help you select the ideal vanity that will last for years to come. Need help with choosing a bathroom vanity and sink? Speak with the experts at The Reno Superstore to choose the best one for your space. We offer easy financing and home delivery as well.

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