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Floor renovations are a great way to transform your home but they don’t come cheap. Two of the most popular materials are natural stone and mosaic tiles. Both are great options with their own benefits, which are important to be aware of before spending any money.

Here, The Reno Superstore examines those pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision.

5 Big Benefits of Installing Stone Flooring and Mosaic Tile

Choosing the right flooring option for your home requires thorough consideration. To help you out, we’ve compared mosaic tile with natural stone flooring to give you a clearer idea about each.

1. Appeal 

Natural stones like marble and granite have a timeless and universal appeal that lends your home a unique character. Their texture of each piece is unique and lacks the smooth, processed feeling of tile. This is part of the appeal for many homeowners and interior designers.

Mosaic tiles offer a more polished look and are available in a high gloss finish that feels more luxurious than stone. Combining different colors and shapes can help you make a stylish statement. Visit your local tile shop to explore mosaic tiles in a variety of shapes and designs to add beauty to your floors.

 Verdict: Both are equally appealing and well-liked.

2. Cost

You can find high-quality natural stone at bargain prices, although this doesn’t include installation. (Note: installing stone can be more expensive than other options since it’s more difficult to work with.)

Mosaic tiles can be expensive depending on their quality, but you can save on installation costs as they’re easily installed and hence cheaper than other traditional flooring options. The Reno Superstore offers competitive pricing on mosaic tiles as well as natural stone.

Verdict: Installation of mosaic tiles costs you less than that of natural stones.

3. Durability

Water-resistant natural stones are known for their endurance and ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas that experience high traffic. Stones like marble or granite are tough and can easily withstand harsh weather. The Natural Stone Council states that natural stones (like marble, granite, and slate) can easily last up to 100 years with proper care and maintenance.

Mosaic tiles are waterproof as well as durable, but make sure to check their ASTM standards. (They need to be approved to be used as a flooring material, based on this standard.) They’re also prone to scratches which can eventually lead to breaking and cracking.

Verdict: Natural stones are more durable than mosaic tiles.

4. Maintenance and Care

Cleaning natural stone flooring requires more effort than mosaic tiles. Dirt can settle between their natural pits and grooves, making them a challenge to clean. They can endure cleaning products but it’s best to consult your supplier for an appropriate product. These floors don’t require excessive maintenance or care, making them a cost-effective solution in the long run. Regular cleaning with warm water will ensure a long life for your natural stone floors.

Mosaic tiles are more stain-resistant and can be cleaned using a soft towel and mild detergent. Also, you can try a solution of water and vinegar to get these tiles sparkling in minutes. However, they require grout sealant periodically to avoid mildew and mold growth. It is important to note that this will be a recurring cost.

Verdict: Mosaic tiles demand slightly higher maintenance than natural stone.

5. Return On Investment

Floor renovation is expensive but should add value to your home. Marble and granite rank high when it comes to returning on investment (ROI). This means that upgrading your floors with these natural stones should increase your home’s market value.

Mosaic tiles look beautiful and come in varied shapes and designs. They’re a good investment whose ROI is good, but not as high as marble or granite.

Verdict: Natural stone has a higher ROI than mosaic tiles.

Obviously, both mosaic tiles and natural stones have their pros and cons. And obviously, your flooring should be permanent so the material you choose should be well chosen and installed professionally. The Reno Superstore’s flooring experts can offer advice and save you time and money by doing the job right the first time.

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