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Installing the right stair nose moulding is extremely important to ensure your staircase’s functionality and safety. This is done to protect the edges of the tread but has other benefits too. The Reno Superstore has a vast collection of staircase supplies such as stair nose moulding, amongst other kinds of accessories.

You can easily find hardwood stair nose moulding in the Toronto area but this guide is going to help you pick the right one for your home.

Different Types of Stair Nose Mouldings and Their Benefits

Installing stair nose moulding is the best way to reduce your chances of slip & fall accidents, but it has other benefits. Here are some of its top advantages.

Stair Nose Mouldings Benefits

1. It Offers Slip Resistance

Statistics point out that slip and fall-related incidents were the second most common injury event in 2020. No matter if it is your home or workplace, creating a safe, risk-free environment is something everyone wants. If you have an active household with children and pets, running up and down stairs is one of the most common things they do

Slip and fall injuries can cause hip displacements, bone fractures, and other such issues, so it is important to secure such a highly-used area of your home. Installing stair nose moulding can control such incidents to a large extent, owing to its anti-slip properties.

There are different materials for stair nosing. For instance, if you have solid wood floors, a hardwood nosing that complements the floor would be the best choice. When in doubt, feel free to consult the knowledgeable staff at The Reno Superstore to help you with your purchase.

2. It Helps To Protect the Staircase 

Like everything, your stairs are prone to gradual wear and tear. Stair nosing can help to prevent this gradual depreciation of your staircase and maintain its structural integrity.

Since staircase treads are where people place their feet, this is also a place that experiences a significant amount of force. With stair nosing, you can minimize the damage, which means less maintenance.

3. It Offers Increased Visibility

According to this report, unintentional falls send 1,800 Canadians to the hospital every day. This is especially troubling for older adults who tend to develop serious injuries after slipping and falling.

It is common to misjudge the width of stairs and take a tumble. Installing stair nose moldings help to give users much-improved visibility of each tread. Even in areas with poor lighting, stair nosing gives you confidence to walk up and down stairs.

So, how is it installed? The side of the nosing that goes against the tread is cut to correspond to the 90-degree edge of the step. This is done so that the nosing fits snugly against the tread and riser. This makes the vertical board extend down to the next step, simplifying the installation process.

Now that you know the purpose of installing stair nose moulding, how do you pick one?

Different Types of Stair Nose Moulding

Here are some popular options to consider.

Different Types of Stair Nose Moulding

1. The Pencil Round 

As you can probably guess from the name, this option resembles a pencil that has been laid sideways across the tread. It works well in any sort of home or office setting, irrespective of its décor. It is easily one of the most sought-after options by homeowners, contractors, and interior designers alike.

Usually, hardwood moulding requires staining to match the flooring and ensure it goes cohesively with the rest of the setting. You can also add a carpet to accentuate the stairs.

2. The Square 

This option works best in a contemporary setting. Because of this, most contractors and interior designers who frequent our store tend to pick this option for their clients.

This particular stair nose moulding features a slight (30 mm) protrusion over the edge of the tread. This is in no way a hindrance to movement, so won’t pose a tripping hazard. If you are planning to lay down a carpet, you should know that it will tend to round at the edges.

3. The No Overhang

Want to create a more seamless look for your staircase? Then the no overhang option may be perfect. Quickly becoming a fast favorite among modern homeowners, this is ideal for people who don’t want any tripping hazards. This style is trendy and goes well if stained or carpeted.

When you think of staircase safety, simply adding a beautiful railing and spindles is not enough. Stair nose mouldings are a great way to preserve the beauty of your staircase and increase its safety. When building your home or office space, you always need to ensure that safety features like railings and mouldings are a part of it. Getting the installation done by installation experts to avoid problems later is always recommended. The Reno Superstore has a wide collection of renovation supplies and services that are dedicated to helping you create your dream space. No project is too big or small, so get in touch with us for your upcoming project.

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