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Are you tired of peeling wallpaper? Have you grown bored of your chipped marble floor? 

No matter the cause of your decorating dilemma, it’s time for an upgrade. Consider porcelain tiles for your next home makeover. Extremely versatile and durable, they may be the perfect way to style your space. 

Don’t assume for a second that porcelain tiles are meant exclusively for floors; they’re just as great on walls too. While other materials like solid hardwood have their limitations, porcelain tiles do not have restrictions in terms of where they can be installed. 

The Reno Superstore offers a wide range of designs and textures in porcelain tiles. Learn clever ways to install them to brighten up your home. 


Various Ways to Install Porcelain Tiles: Home Renovation Ideas

Porcelain tiles have become one of the popular building materials owing to their stylish designs and versatile usage. Explore clever ways to introduce porcelain tiles to add a touch of creativity to your home. 


1. The Accent Wall 


Are you bored of the same old painted entryways or hallways? It’s time to step up your style game!

Your front entry is the first thing anyone notices when they step inside your home. So it’s only right that you style that area.  

Creating an accent wall that is both unique and visually appealing brings focus to that area. We cannot say it enough, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to porcelain tiles. Think about interesting mosaic tile shapes like lanterns, circles, or hexagons. Different shapes are quite popular these days and will make quite a statement. 

2. The Backsplash 


This is an interesting way to spruce up a small area or an entire wall in your kitchen. We know how messy it can get when cooking our favourite dishes. The oil splatter, grease, stains… nothing is off limits. It is also exceedingly difficult to get rid of tough stains from drywall. 

Porcelain tiles open up a whole new avenue in design and texture that can immediately transform your kitchen. Thankfully, a stylish backsplash is not just a style statement. It’s also a practical way to protect your walls from stains and water splashes.  Since these tiles are super easy to clean, this backsplash is a good addition to your kitchen. 

3. The Exterior and Interior Wall 


Still sticking to the same old wall paint? Give porcelain tiles a go. An excellent wall cladding material, they offer superior protection against a lot of factors. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they are both waterproof and fireproof. 

Porcelain tiles are made at high temperatures; this makes them non-combustible. Instead of concrete walls with paint that peels and offers no protection against harsh weather, consider installing porcelain tiles. It’s important to note that tiles have different PEI ratings that determine their application. Wall tiles typically have low PEI ratings that help them adhere better to walls. If you have any doubts when shopping, feel free to ask the experts at The Reno Superstore

4. The Bathroom 


Any home renovation expert will suggest installing porcelain tiles in your bathroom. Why? They are waterproof, so function well in high-moisture conditions. High-quality tiles are durable and last for ages with proper maintenance. A periodic grout sealing of your bathroom tiles will also protect your subfloor from damage. 

Because subpar or improper installation can lead to damage to floors and walls, it is recommended that you seek professional installation services, like those offered by The Reno Superstore. We get the job done right. 

5. The Kitchen 


The kitchen is a moisture-prone area. Being one of the busiest in your home, it naturally sees a lot of foot traffic. Also, cooking and food spills require stain-proof floors and walls. Porcelain tiles fit these requirements perfectly. They are easy to clean and do not allow stains from your food to settle in. 

This building material is also quite affordable so they are ideal for a kitchen renovation on a budget. The Reno Superstore carries porcelain tiles in all budgets and styles, so you’ll have a hard time choosing a favourite. 

6. The Bedroom


Ever thought about installing tiles in your bedroom? Redoing your bedroom with solid hardwood or engineered hardwood can put quite a dent in your bank account. Porcelain tiles, by contrast, are a steal, with all the looks and durability of wood. 

With advances in printing technology, there’s no material tiles can’t mimic. You can find tons of designs that imitate marble, wood, or even bamboo with such accuracy that it’s hard to believe they aren’t real. 

Style Tip: Use a fun print or traditional mosaic tile on your bedroom wall for an unexpected look. 

7. The Living Room  


This is the most used space in everyone’s home and therefore needs durable, functional floors. Decorate your living room with modern or traditional patterned tiles to elevate your space. If you live with children or older adults who suffer from allergies, with porcelain tiles you can breathe more easily. Tiles do not emit any harmful VOCs and are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not trigger allergies. 

Porcelain tiles suit all rooms and environments. Innovative and fashionable, they are a functional flooring and wall cladding material meant for all budgets. When installing walls or flooring, be sure to understand all the aspects of the material before investing in it. The Reno Superstore offers a wide selection of products and services at affordable prices. Be sure to check them out. 

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