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Are you planning to remodel your home but don’t know which renovation company to choose? Finding the right one and entrusting its employees to upgrade your most important asset in a competitive GTA housing market is easier said than done. What should my budget be? Who do I hire? When is the best time to renovate? Can I get a discount?

Remodeling is difficult to begin with, and choosing the right company to do the job gets harder in a big city like Toronto.

So when considering your home renovation, you need to ensure that it gets done right the very first time. There are plenty of home renovation stores in Toronto, including The Reno Superstore, but how do you determine which is the right fit?

This guide walks you through the factors you need to keep in mind when planning your renovation so you know the work will be completed efficiently.

Things to Keep In Mind When Planning Renovations in Toronto 

There are several things to consider when planning a home renovation. Learn the top tips right here.

1. Determine Your Budget 

Efficient planning will make your money go further. Remember, each renovation is unique and should be based on your needs regarding your existing space. So, while you may have tried an online estimation guide, it may not be accurate for your space and can be misleading.

Look around home renovation stores in Toronto and collect a few quotes before making your decision. This will ensure you are getting the best deal for your project.

This checklist will get you started:

  • Determine the present condition of your home.
  • Decide which room(s) you plan to renovate.
  • Understand the tasks involved (e.g. installing new flooring, breaking walls, putting in plumbing).
  • Create a wish list of what you want to change (e.g. putting in marble countertops, installing solid wood floors, etc.).

Keep in mind that a contractor/designer should be able to suggest a range of alternatives to keep the things you desire most and work within your budget. Sourcing materials online from The Reno Superstore can help you save a lot of money, so keep your eyes peeled for our offers.

2. Are You Renovating a Century Home? 

Are you the proud owner of an older home? Buying or owning a so-called century home is a wonderful investment. But, if the house hasn’t been updated in recent years, this will add to your task list. No doubt this will also affect your budget.

There are few things that you will need to undertake, such as updating the electrical system, repairing the roof, or installing or redoing floors. Note that each house is unique and the problems or advantages that come with it are also different. Seek a consultation with a reputable local home renovation store in Toronto to understand what exactly your house needs.

Pro Tip: To make this more affordable, address the major issues first, such as plumbing, electricity, and flooring. Remember, there are plenty of ways you can renovate your home beautifully but economically. The Reno Superstore believes in affordable renovation plans, so be sure to check them out.

3. Things to Look Out For When Hiring Contractors

Hiring the right people to trust with your home is a tough but crucial choice that needs to be made after careful consideration. You will want to hire someone who has your best interest at heart. There may be plenty of home renovation stores in Toronto that promise their services at the lowest prices, but understand that affordable and cheap are not the same thing. While saving money is good, how often is the cheapest service the best?

Choosing an inexperienced or unlicensed home renovation company may cost you more in the long run. Beware of scams, and only trust reputable installation service providers with sufficient experience and references.

Stay on the lookout for obvious red flags. These include no references or bad references, asking for money before the contract is written, and wanting to start work without having a Toronto building permit in place. Check out the company’s frequently asked questions to get an idea about what they are about.

4. Best Time to Renovate in Toronto 

Believe it or not, the season plays a role in deciding the best time to consider renovation. Harsh Toronto winters can add the extra cost of temporary insulation to prevent freezing of the earth or concrete. Foundation and excavation work can be done year round, but certain other works may need a warmer climate. That’s why renovators get booked quickly during the warmer months, so it is best to plan ahead.

If you are planning on minor renovations, such as installing a mosaic tile kitchen backsplash or a bathroom vanity, these can be done any time of the year. For such installations or renovations, choose winter as it’s the off-season and you will likely get a discount.

5. Learn About Toronto Building Permits  

Before the work can start, many home renovations require a building permit. So learning about this is a must. Permits require inspection from the city at different stages of remodeling. Concerns regarding the height, width, and floor area of the building must be taken into account as per local zoning laws.

If you are building your house from the ground up or need considerable construction, you will need to submit blueprints drawn by a registered architect or qualified engineer. Depending on your project, other permits may be required, such as for plumbing or electrical work.

Talk with a reputable home remodeling company or your contractor to help you with the process.

6. Consider Interior Renovations to Increase Functionality 

COVID-19 had us all staying at home a lot more, which had many Canadians feeling like they needed to re-imagine their homes to accommodate their needs. There are several renovations homeowners can consider to increase the functionality of their space or even increase their ROI. Needless to say, this has started a renovation movement (if you want to call it that) all around Canada.

Want to redo your bedroom floor with wood or turn your basement into an entertainment room? The change could be something decorative that you always wanted or something to make the space more useful. The result should be both functional and cost-effective in the long run.

Remember, you should enjoy spending time in your home and every space should serve a purpose. Communicate what you envision for your space with your contractor before getting started. To that end, look at some home improvement trends ruling 2021 and beyond.

7. Making Energy-Saving Renovations  

Conscious homeowners are adopting eco-friendly practices that reduce their carbon footprint and help to reduce their energy bills.

To that end the City of Toronto gives homeowners energy efficiency incentives. Meanwhile, the federal government has announced a new grant program where eligible homeowners may receive up to $5,000 to support green initiatives. Energy-saving projects include the installation of smart thermostats, replacing their roof with a green/cool roof, and repairing the seals on doors, windows, and skylights.

Planning and executing a renovation on your own can be difficult. But, with the right renovation company, it can get a lot easier. Renovating your home is a clever way to evolve your current living space into something that suits your needs. If a complete overhaul seems too much of a challenge, then take small renovation steps towards your goal. In any case, always do thorough research when doing your renovation, especially in Toronto where home renovation stores are plentiful. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential contractor the tough questions, and feel free to consult the renovation experts at The Reno Superstore on your next project.

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