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Updating your bathroom can be both exciting and expensive. Indeed, the cost of bathroom fixtures like toilets, bathtubs and sinks can quickly consume a large portion of your budget.

However, planning and employing a few tips can help you save.

This guide will cover how to shop for bathroom fixtures in Toronto (or elsewhere) on a budget. Before you know it, you will be able to afford to remodel your bathroom like a pro.

Let’s get started.


Money-Saving Advice for Purchasing Bathroom Fixtures

Planning is crucial when it comes to shopping for bathroom fixtures. Doing so will help you buy exactly what you need and plan your project more effectively while saving money. So, follow these tips.

  1. Understanding Needs vs. Wants

Which brand-new shower fixture do you want for your Toronto home? Or is it even necessary? Knowing precisely what you need for this space is crucial before shopping for bathroom fixtures. Photos of renovated bathrooms on Instagram may inspire you to want the newest bathtub or shower head, but do you need them?

Figuring out exactly what you need for your bathroom space is an important money-saving tip. Make a list of the bathroom fixtures you require to make the space functional; this will immediately narrow down your options.

  1. Compare Prices Across Brands

There are many types of bathroom fixtures, from bathtubs and bidets to soap dispensers and sinks. So, of course, there are many bathroom fixture brands whose prices vary significantly.

Before buying anything, compare different brands and prices online before you order.

The Reno Superstore offers a wide range of bathroom accessories, such as bathtubs, in Toronto at great prices, but it is still a good idea to check prices before you buy.

  1. Shop Online For Deals

The online marketplace is a fantastic place to find discounts and exclusive deals. If you are looking for good deals and don’t want to overspend, shopping online for home renovation supplies will save you money.

Make sure to check customer reviews and store policies to avoid post-purchase problems.


Shop Online For Deals


  1. Consider What You Are Spending On

Some bathroom fixtures, like toilets, shower fixtures, and bathtubs, require an investment if you want top-quality products that will last. Other bathroom accessories, like toilet brush holders, do not have to be that expensive. Evaluate where you can splurge and what you can buy at a discount.

  1. Select the Best Sale Season

If you’re on a tight budget, keep an eye out for sales and discounts. Certain times of the year provide fantastic savings on bathroom fixtures. The time of purchase matters considerably and can significantly impact your budget, so plan to capitalize on sales and promotions like Black Friday or Christmas. Check out the website of your favourite store for offers and discounts.

  1. Strike a Balance Between Shopping Locally and Online

Should you shop locally or go online? Both have their merits, but when you are really looking to save money, you need to find the sweet spot by exploring both options for great deals.

While online platforms can provide exclusive deals, proximity occasionally results in unanticipated discounts. Your local store may offer additional discounts if you buy several bathroom fixtures for a large project.




How can I save money on expensive bathroom fixtures?

Investing in high-end fixtures does not require you to empty your wallet. Look for clearance sales, discontinued models, or floor samples at steep discounts.

Is it possible to save money by purchasing used fixtures?

Yes. But before considering this option, make sure they are in good condition and thoroughly sanitized.

Can I bargain on prices in retail stores?

You can try. Many retail stores are willing to negotiate (politely), especially if you buy multiple fixtures, which can lead to significant savings.

When creating a budget for fixtures, what factors should I prioritize?

Give top priority to fixtures that are long-lasting and functional. Major purchases that are slightly more expensive will likely last longer and require fewer replacements. Find out, too, if they have a warranty and the store’s return policy.

How can I find budget-friendly, sustainable fixtures?

Seek out fixtures with certifications for being eco-friendly and water-efficient. Many economical and cost-effective eco-friendly options can result in long-term savings.

Is it cheaper to install my fixtures myself?

Installing bathroom fixtures yourself can save you money, but be honest about your abilities. Improper installation can result in costly repairs, so weigh the benefits and drawbacks before going the DIY route.


It is very important to take time to plan your project. We hope these tips will help you save when shopping both online and locally. Consider each aspect carefully, and shop for products that will help to make your bathroom more functional, not just look great. Need help? Get in touch with our team, and they will help you find the right bathroom fixture for your needs and budget.

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