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Planning and execution are two sides of the same coin when it comes to renovating a kitchen. Before you begin, you need to lay the groundwork. Begin by scanning the website of your local Home Improvement store to get an idea of what you’re looking for in your ideal kitchen.

Remember that the work will be worth it. According to this National Bank report, a kitchen renovation will increase the value of your home.

However, planning one can get overwhelming. That’s why we’ve come up with eight simple steps to guide you through the kitchen renovation process.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen should be a perfect mix of functionality and style. It is essential to go slow, think, analyze and then execute your kitchen renovation plan.

Step 1: Consider Your Needs

Take a step back and consider your needs. Remember, your kitchen is a personal space that should reflect utility as well as style. Think about how you use your time in the kitchen. Is the current design suitable for your lifestyle? How much time do you spend cooking? Do you need more storage? Do you want your sink closer to the workstation?

Consider Your Needs

Asking yourself these questions is a great way to get an idea of what you prioritize within that space. Analyzing what you want out of that area is the first step to planning a successful renovation.

Step 2: Research


Gather information, ideas, pictures – whatever helps you gain better insight is vital to your project. Browse different designs on dedicated websites such as and Pinterest before settling on the final one. Discover various options as to cabinet styles, countertops, faucets, and other furnishings. Create a priority list to help you visualize what you need and want.

Step 3: Hire an Expert

It’s always advisable to consult a reputable kitchen renovation contractor in Toronto. They have the expertise, knowledge, and resources to make your dream kitchen a reality. They will also take care of any permit requirements and help you save money by suggesting affordable suppliers or materials.

Hire an Expert

Hiring a good team of experienced kitchen renovators will ensure you get the best out of the renovation, saving you time and effort. Discuss your ideas with them and work out a tailor-made action plan.

Step 4: Plan and Budget

Plan and Budget

Remodeling isn’t cheap, and budgeting is a very important part of the process. Visit your local home improvement stores and choose the one that has the best pricing. Certain ones may offer financing that lets you pay in easy installments. Look out for sales and special deals; these can reduce your expenses significantly.

Additionally, ask your kitchen contractors to recommend cost-effective, functional, and attractive kitchen tiles, countertops, and cabinets.

Step 5: Select the Design

Select the Design

Now that you’re done planning, it’s time to finalize your floor plan, countertops, floors, and other elements that will make your new kitchen. There are many styles to choose from such as U-shape, L-shape, and with or without an island. This is a crucial step, so discuss these aspects with your renovation expert.

Step 6: Select the Materials

Select the Materials

Moving on from finalizing the design, you will then focus on choosing the materials. There are numerous options when it comes to flooring, countertops, doors, and other kitchen elements. Evaluate the pros on cons of each material you choose for building various parts of the kitchen. (Prices will vary according to their quality and availability.) Keep in mind their durability and cost.

Step 7: Prepare for the Build

Renovations can messy. Before the work begins, pack away all your breakables such as crockery and glassware. Keep all your electrical appliances safe to avoid damage. Cover the area with painter’s tape and plastic sheets to contain the dirt and minimize paint smears.

Prepare for the Build

This process is generally time-consuming depending on the amount of work the build requires. To illustrate, installing cabinets and other essentials can happen in a week but making a kitchen from scratch can take more than a month. Request an estimate of the timeframe from your contractors to devise a system that works for you.

Step 8: Final Touches

Final Touches

No amount of organizing can prepare you to deal with all worksite issues. A good project manager will always be responsive and come up with a solution. Practice patience and note the areas that you think could use attention, such as a spot that hasn’t been painted. Review the project towards its conclusion and share your thoughts with the contractor.

Following these steps will help you build the kitchen of your dreams and better equip you to avoid common renovation mistakes. Always hire experienced workers, so interview them thoroughly before moving ahead. To learn more about kitchen renovation, contact us today.

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