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Are you looking for engineered hardwood flooring stores in Mississauga or Toronto? Before you start shopping, ask yourself how well you know engineered flooring.

Engineered hardwood is popular for many reasons. Do you know what they are? Here at The Reno Superstore, we have some of the best prices on engineered hardwood in the GTA. But we always encourage our customers to understand what they are buying.

Let’s explore what you need to know before installing this flooring.


When Do You Need To Install New Flooring?

Whether you have hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpet, every flooring material that endures regular wear and tear will eventually reach a point where it becomes noticeable.

Do you have a new house but the flooring is showing signs of aging? Or perhaps your floors are showing visible signs of damage. It is best to consider changing your flooring when you see these signs:

  • You’ve refinished them several times.
  • There is considerable water damage.
  • There are visible cracks and/or scratches.
  • Your floorboards are moving or creaking.
  • Your floor is cupping, peeling layers, or has wide gaps or visible nails.
  • It’s dull and lackluster.

Now, let’s look at the different types of engineered hardwood flooring.


Types of Engineered Hardwood

Types of Engineered Hardwood

Interior designers and homeowners alike prefer engineered hardwood flooring as they offer similar ROI to solid hardwood floors.

Because there are different types, the best idea to invest smartly is to get to know them.

  • Plywood


Plywood is comprised of thin sheets of wood veneer joined with moisture-resistant glue or a binding agent. Manufactured under pressure and heat, these boards are extremely strong. They are widely used as the base of engineered hardwood planks.

  • Particle Board

Particle board is a flat sheet made with wood wastes like sawdust, sawmill shavings, and wood chips. It can be quite economical but cannot support heavy loads.

  • Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

To make this, wood is broken down into individual fibers and then compressed using heat into stiff sheets. MDF is often used in making ready-made furniture, partitions, or decorative wall cladding.

  • High Density Fibreboard (HDF)

HDF is made using pulped wood waste and chips and is a durable form of engineered wood. It is typically used to build cabinets and vanities, and works well in moisture-prone environments.

Next is to understand the various installation methods available with engineered hardwood floors. This will help to further narrow down your options.


Installation Methods

Picking the right installation method is crucial. This step also depends on the type of product you have chosen. To avoid nullifying the warranty, speak to your contractor regarding the best method of installation for your chosen product.

1. Glue-Down Installation

The name is pretty self-explanatory. The process involves application of adhesive on the joints of the engineered planks to improve their grip. Planks may be pre-glued or glued during the installation process. This type is often used to install engineered wooden planks over concrete subfloors.

2. Nail-Down Installation

Associated with hardwood floors, this method applies equally to engineered hardwood. This fast method of installation helps engineered planks adhere to the subfloor. It is now considered a slightly less popular method of installation.

3. Floating Installation

Floating Installation

The click-lock design is found in most engineered flooring options. It creates a tongue-and-groove floating floor. No nails or glue are required in this method and it is by far the most cost-effective choice. This type of installation also makes it easy to replace and repair the wooden planks individually without disturbing the entire floor.

Like any other flooring, it is best to have your engineered hardwood flooring installed professionally. Improper/subpar installation may lead to issues such as cupped edges and wide gaps.

Are you looking to save some money on your next flooring renovation? Consider renovating during the holidays. The Reno Superstore offers affordable and impeccable installation service in and around southern Ontario.


Shopping Tips

The world of flooring can be a bit intimidating, but these shopping tips will help you pick the right product for your space. Consult The Reno Superstore’s experts when in doubt.

1. Get Samples

When you are in the market for engineered flooring, it is best to understand what exactly you are getting into. Remember, your choice of engineered wood floor needs to suit your space, and unless you try samples of different styles, you’ll never know which type is ideal.

Should you choose narrow or wide planks? Dark or light-coloured? Comparing different flooring samples will enable you to understand how the finished floor looks in your home or office.

2. Choose Thicker Veneer

For long-lasting engineered flooring, always consider a thicker veneer. This is especially true of areas with moderate to high foot traffic such as living rooms, hallways, and office spaces.

Thicker veneers also mean you’ll be able to refinish and sand them once they wear out.

3. Select a High-Quality Plywood Core

Engineered hardwoods are much preferred over traditional wood floors because they are more resistant to fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

To that end, always choose a plywood core for engineered hardwood floors. It will prove to be a stiffer and more stable engineered hardwood flooring for your home in Mississauga or Toronto.

4. Ensure More Layers

Besides having a plywood core, also make sure that the product you select has three to nine layers. More layers signify better durability. Ask our flooring experts how many layers your product of choice has.

5. Ask About Additional Features

All styles of engineered flooring are made differently, so pick the type that best suits your lifestyle.

If you have an active household with kids and pets, go for a scratch-resistant product. If you are installing it in a gym or other commercial space, ask for a thicker layer or a type that is dust or dent-resistant. Prioritize your needs to pick an appropriate type of flooring.

We hope these tips and information regarding engineered hardwood flooring prove useful. The Reno Superstore offers high-quality engineered flooring from leading manufacturers, but we always urge our customers to consider their choice carefully. Installing the right flooring can transform your space, so take your time to pick the right one. For more information, get in touch with The Reno Superstore today.

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