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Believe it or not, stylish interior doors are a thing. In fact, they can completely change your space, so give them some thought when planning renovations. 

No matter your style or budget, Toronto’s Reno Superstore has an interior door made for your home. But where do you start? Let’s explore how to buy an interior door and the style trends that will change your decor for the better. 

Best Tips to Shop for Interior Doors (And Popular Trends to Watch Out For)

Before we get to how to style your doors, let’s learn about how to buy them.

How to Buy Interior Doors


Step 1: Select a Door Style


Having an idea of what exactly you’re looking for can help tremendously with your shopping. There are various types, such as panelled doors, plain slab doors, glass doors and many more to be found at The Reno Superstore. 

Each door style has its own advantage. For instance, a sliding door is ideal for a small space but can be expensive. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Our well-trained staff can help. 


Step 2: Measure the Space


Don’t forget to measure your room. When buying a ready-made door, be sure to get the measurements right, otherwise your new door may not even fit your frame. 

Also, don’t underestimate the power of style. For instance, don’t pick a door that’s too ornate for your space if it’s small; it will make the room seem smaller. Be sure to pick a design that will go harmoniously with the rest of your decor. 


Step 3: Choose the Material


Ask what material your door has been built with. There is a wide variety available, including MDF, solid core, and hollow core. 

Material decides the price and longevity of the product. (All Reno Superstore products are high-quality.) Keep in mind, the door you install in your bedroom should not be installed in the bathroom because the environments are entirely different and will affect your door. 

In case of any doubt, please ask our experts, or email us your question. 


Step 4: Decide the Door Swing 


This is where you decide which side the hinges go. You can customize it according to your preference; left-handed or right-handed. Take note that door swing decides if the door opens into a room or outside. Ideally, it is better to have an inside door swing if your room opens to a hallway or corridor. 

Now that you know how to shop for your door, let’s have a look at some style trends in interior doors. 


Door Styles 



1. Full Height Doors 

Have you ever watched a period movie or show? (Downton Abbey maybe?) Then you simply cannot miss these full height doors and windows. These are – like their name suggests – full height or ceiling doors as they extend vertically over the entire wall. 

An elegant design helps create the illusion of space and grandeur. While this is a clever way to allow in natural light, be certain you have the space for it.


2. Sliding Doors 

Did you know that sliding doors date back to the first century CE in Roman houses in Pompeii. It was fashionable then and remains so. If you love the space-saving concept of sliding doors, then you can go ahead and get these. 

Designers predict sliding doors with glass elements are going to stay relevant for a long time. Note that sliding doors can be installed inside the wall and also outside. If you choose this type of retractable door, you save tremendous wall space which can be put to other decor purposes. 


3. Wide Doors

If you’re obsessed with home renovation like us, you may have noticed that popular interior design magazines will showcase wide doors. Indeed, larger multi-functional doors are trending at the moment. More and more homeowners are being drawn to the concept of open space. Wide doors help to create a statement while separating two spaces. 


4. Minimal Style Doors

If you are an aspiring minimalist, this door is for you. The clean, clutter-free design of these doors complements any space, especially a soothing, calm environment. We suggest going for a flat panel door with no ornamentation, like this.  

For a little style, add bold brass or sleek black hardware to highlight the minimalist design. 


5. Glass Doors

Natural light is an element of design that will never go out of style. Simple yet ultra fashionable, glass doors are an elegant way to create partitions between rooms without compromising on style. 

A wonderful way to make a space feel spacious and welcoming, glass doors are a great choice for your home and office. 


Door Colours 



6. Deep Dark Doors 

Turns out Scandinavian style remains trendy. Embrace the dark side as rich dark colours are definitely going to stay popular. We are talking about deep browns, charcoal greys, and even black. 

Visualize these dark doors set against a white marble floor. What a brilliant way to create a stunning style moment!


7. Bright Colours

Completely opposite of dark moody tones, bright but delicate colours are going to stay on trend. No matter which interior door style your home boasts, a brace of light delicate colours can make them pop. 

The trick is to go with the room’s flow. For instance, if it’s white, a delicate pink door can immediately draw attention. Complement the room, don’t clash with it. 

Interior doors can make such a difference to your space. We hope you will be able to shop for them more efficiently now. Stay trendy and explore a wide range of stunning doors from all the leading brands in Canada at The Reno Superstore. Get in touch with us to learn more about our interior doors.

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