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Installing carpet flooring is one of the best ways to warm your home – both figuratively and literally.

The Reno Superstore is a great carpet flooring store that offers a wide range of stylish carpets in many colours, textures, and designs. Of course, aesthetics are important, but they’re not the only yardstick when shopping for the ‘right’ carpet for your home or office.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of installing carpet and how best to shop for them.

Advantages of Installing Carpet (And Tips on Shopping for It)

Advantages of Installing Carpet

Carpets are a great flooring option and a quick upgrade. Here are five reasons to invest in one and tips on how to locate the right one for your floors.

1. It Saves You Money 

Looking for budget-friendly new flooring? Carpet is a great idea and The Reno Superstore always keeps our prices competitive, so you get the best deal.

2. It’s Pet and Child-Friendly

Worried about your dog or cat scratching your hardwood? Wondering what the best flooring option is for your child’s playroom? Soft, plush carpet offers play-friendly flooring and resists scratches from your pet.

Adding carpet to your child’s playroom will also increase their play space, covering every inch of the floor. Giving your child the freedom to explore. Consider a hypoallergenic carpet option for your child, like wool.

3. It Resists Slips 

Did you know that slip & fall accidents account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits? Porcelain tile or waxed hardwood are great flooring options but less appropriate for the elderly, children, and pets as they offer less resistance to slips.

Carpets with rubber padding help minimize that risk more than those without it. Area carpets also offer cushioning against slip & falls.

4. It Helps To Reduce Sound 

Tired of listening to your hardwood floors creaking thanks to bad construction or open floor plans? Try installing carpet flooring to suppress those sounds. This is one way to sound proof your space.

5. It Offers Better Insulation 

Say goodbye to cold feet. Winters in Toronto can be cold and not everyone can afford radiant heating. Carpet is the answer. This comfortable flooring option can help keep your space warm and cozy at a fraction of the cost.

Now that you know their benefits, here is how to shop for the right carpets for your space.

Carpet Buying Tips: The Basics

Carpet Buying Tips

  1. Avoid buying carpet based on its looks or warranty. Instead, look at the material it is built with. Choose nylon or PET materials. Select the material based on your needs. These are durable materials and easy to maintain.
  2. There are hypoallergenic carpet options. Ask our flooring experts to help you find one, if this is of interest.
  3. Examine the carpet’s density or face weight. This helps determine how long it will last. If your carpet weighs greater than 1.51 kg, it is a good sign.
  4. Padding can make or break your carpet, so make sure yours is good.
  5. Professional carpet installation gives the best results. Improper installation may lead to issues like buckling, rippling, loosening of seams, and bubbling.

No matter what your reason for installing it, carpet can be a quick, affordable way to upgrade and protect your beloved flooring, including hardwood. We hope these tips help you find the right carpet flooring in Toronto and Mississauga. Need help to find the right kind? Get in touch with renovation experts at The Reno Superstore.


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