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Are you planning to renovate? You’re not alone. 2020 had us staying home most of the time, which has had a massive impact on the way we view home renovations. Around 37 percent of Canadians feel they need to re-imagine or repair their current home to accommodate their being home more often. 

As many of us continue to work from home, we’ve been forced to look more deeply at our homes and consider change. Remodelling is not only a clever way to re-imagine our spaces but to make them more functional. 

To that end The Reno Superstore looks at some of the most popular home renovation trends in 2021 and beyond. 


8 Home Improvement Trends to Inspire You in 2021 and 2022


Renovating your home is the best way to increase its market value and improve your quality of life. Let’s look at some of the biggest trends in renovation projects this year. 


1. The Home Office


Companies around the globe are shifting their focus into remote working environments. This means there is a growing demand to create sustainable as well functional spaces that encourage working from home. Since few of us had a dedicated home office before the pandemic, there is an increasing focus in this area. 

Homeowners are creating comfortable workspaces that double as living spaces. For instance, soundproof walls/floors and built-in furniture help create a calm working environment. Bright lights can also improve your mood and lead to improved productivity and concentration. 


2. The Bathroom Sanctuary


Turning our bathrooms into a mini-spa, where we can relax and rejuvenate, is on top of many wish lists. Heated floors, steam showers, and freestanding bathtubs are all spa elements that have become popular. Stunning accent walls and interesting smart lights can help create your dream bathroom. 

Saving up for a big bathroom renovation is always a good idea. However, even minor improvements, such as a new vanity or shower head, can go a long way towards transforming this private space. 


3.  Install Smart Faucets


The demand for smart faucets has seen a sharp increase in recent months. More people than ever like products that offer germ-free solutions and require minimal contact. And if you love high-tech products, this might be perfect for your bathroom or kitchen. These products also minimize water usage. 


4. Reclaim Your Basement


The best way to maximize your space is to use every corner of your home, including your basement. Focusing on this often neglected area is a trend many homeowners are picking up on.

Unlike the rest of your home, however, the basement has its quirks. It has little to no natural light or ventilation, and is often humid, so be sure to assess the area when renovating.  Installing waterproof floors is a great way to transform this space which can serve as a personal game room or even a playroom. 

To find out more about the best waterproof flooring options, read here. 


5. Natural Wooden Flooring


If you’re a fan of farmhouse, Japanese, or Scandinavian (Japandi)-inspired spaces, then it may be good news that this trend is still going strong. A lighter and more natural finish on wooden floors is preferred, as it allows light to bounce off and give your room a brighter, more airy feel. 

Solid wood flooring is a classic choice but needs to be installed well. So make sure you hire a reputable installation company (like The Reno Superstore). 

If your budget prohibits solid wood, then engineered wood is your safest bet. Both are durable options that work well in medium- to high-traffic areas. 


6. Revisit Open Spaces


The open space concept has been popular for a while and continues to rule in 2021 – with a little twist. The open floor plan is a great way to maximize your floor space but privacy has become a concern. 

Installing shutters or French doors is a great idea to keep the flow between spaces. But it also gives you the option to create personal space for work or study. 


7.  Trendy Vinyl Flooring


Trendy vinyl flooring is both sturdy and waterproof. Given that luxury vinyl floors from The Reno Superstore are incredibly affordable, you can use them to give a quick makeover to your home.

Additionally, these faux wooden floors are scratch-resistant, so are a great alternative to traditional solid wood flooring which can be quite expensive.  

8.  The Porcelain Tile


Rising health concerns have led us to approach our building materials more thoughtfully. Porcelain tiles are waterproof and easy to clean which is why they make a great choice for kitchen countertops. They aren’t very porous so don’t promote bacterial growth but should be cleaned regularly, like all countertop materials. 

Home renovation is a smart way to enhance your space to suit your needs. If a complete overhaul seems challenging, make small changes at first. Each renovation should be considered carefully to suit your needs. Consult the renovation experts at The Reno Superstore for help with your upcoming project.

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