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Hardwood is a great flooring choice that requires a reputable flooring installer like The Reno Superstore. And installing hardwood flooring is going to inspire questions for your contractor prior to hiring them.

Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Installing Hardwood Floors

The key to a well-informed decision is correct information. So, when hiring a contractor to remodel your floors, here are nine questions to ask. 

1. “Which Type of Hardwood Is Best for My Floors? Which Is Better: Oak or Maple?

If you’ve been planning to install hardwood flooring, you may already have an idea about which type you want. However, an experienced contractor can help you choose the wood species most suitable for your home.  They will also assess humidity levels, the composition of your subfloor, and other factors that are critical when installing solid hardwood flooring. We have explained the difference between oak and maple here.


2. “What Does This Part of the Warranty Mean?”

Flooring products come with a 30 or 40-year warranty, but will these manufacturers back it up? 

These warranties can go on for pages, with many clauses. Make sure you discuss everything related to the warranty with your contractor. They may also provide you with a warranty of a minimum of one year on materials and labour; some offer more extensive warranties. 

Find out if your contractor needs any certification from the manufacturer and make certain you understand the exact criteria required for the warranty to work. 

The warranty also depends on the quality of installation, so choose a reputable service.


3. “How Long Will My Floors Take to Install?”

Do you need your floors installed within a week? How long will it actually take to return to your regular life? Does it cost extra to remove debris (such as old flooring or waste materials) from the construction area? 

Renovations are inconvenient, so ask your contractor how long it will take to complete the project and what you can expect. 


4. “How Much Do You Charge for an Installation Estimate?”

A word of advice: do not hire a contractor without getting an estimate of how much the project will cost. Some contractors charge a standard fee; others offer a free estimate


5. “How Do You Handle Unexpected Installation Problems?”

Expect the unexpected when remodelling your space. Issues may arise during installation, even when your planning is meticulous. This is completely normal, but how will your contractor tackle them? 

For instance, if your subfloor is damaged and requires repairs or replacement, how will your contractor handle the issue? This may affect your timeline as well as your budget.  


6. “How Much Will My Floors Cost to Install?”

Floor remodelling requires a significant investment, so having clarity regarding the total expenditure is a good idea. Make sure your contractor includes the cost of the product, installation charges, and additional costs such as redoing the subfloor or other such repairs. 

It is important to get a written estimate for the job. Make sure you know your costing per square foot rather than per hour. This will ensure the job gets done in a more timely fashion. 


7. “What’s the Best Way to Keep My Floors Looking New?” 

A cleaning routine will help them last longer, including simple dusting and sweeping. 

Another great way to protect your floors is to install carpets in high-traffic areas to minimize wear and tear. 

Refrain from using alkaline, ammonia, and abrasive cleaners as these may quickly dull or damage the finish. 

Ask your contractor about suitable cleaning products.


8. “How Many Floors Have You Installed?”

Experience is always good when hiring someone to install your floors. 


9. “Can I See Some References?”

Discussing a contractor’s references is the best way to determine how good they are at their job. Follow up with previous customers to get their feedback regarding your contractor’s professionalism and quality of work. 

When installing new flooring, always do your homework. Besides hiring a trustworthy contractor, make sure communicating with them feels easy. And always ensure you’re both on the same page. Selecting the right contractor can save you both time and money. The Reno Superstore offers expert floor installation  thanks to seasoned contractors who guarantee getting the job right the first time.

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