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According to realtors, Toronto homes with hardwood floors typically sell the quickest, as they are among the most well-liked flooring choices. This is thanks to its patina, overall durability, and classic appearance.

But do you know how much it costs to install hardwood floors in Toronto?

Knowing that you can likely find hardwood flooring within your budget is important, but it is good to anticipate your costs and prepare accordingly. Hence, this guide.

Fortunately, The Reno Superstore has a large selection of hardwood flooring at great prices. In this post, we look at the factors that influence the cost of installing hardwood flooring in Toronto, such as installation rates and the cost of materials and accessories.

Let’s get started.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Installing Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Installing hardwood flooring in your Toronto home can be a surprisingly expensive undertaking if you do not understand the costs involved. Here are some things to consider moving forward.

1. The Type of Hardwood You Choose

The type of hardwood flooring you select will significantly affect the cost. There are many species available. The cost per square foot of exotic hardwood varieties, like Brazilian walnut, can range from $11 to $20. More reasonably priced domestic hardwood species, like hickory and oak, range from $6 to $13. Please note that the table below indicates estimated prices.

We suggest prospective buyers evaluate the different types of hardwood flooring before making the final call. To make your project more budget-friendly, consider substituting engineered hardwood in areas of your home that do not see much traffic.

Hardwood Flooring Janka Hardness Estimated Cost per Square Foot
Brazilian Teak 3500 $18.00
American Walnut 1820 $12.00
White Oak 1810 $10.00
Maple 1450 $9.00
Red Oak 1280 $8.00
Birch 1260 $7.00
Cherry 950 $6.00

2. The Area of Installation

We always ask our customers to first decide on the area of installation, i.e. the total area that needs to be covered with hardwood flooring. This helps to determine the total cost. It also helps the employee estimate how much product you will need; the larger the area, the greater your cost.

Area of hardwood flooring Installation

 If you have a large area to cover, visit wholesale hardwood flooring retailers in Toronto or home renovation stores like The Reno Superstore. We offer discounts on hardwood flooring for bulk purchases.

3. The Grade of Hardwood Flooring

‘Wood grade’ refers to the physical characteristics of the hardwood product. The grade you choose will also influence the product’s price. If your wood product is marked ‘clear,’ it means that the flooring has a uniform colour and no imperfections. This also means that it will cost significantly more than other variants.

Grade no. 1, or select grade, refers to wood flooring with few knots and fewer defects, offering a cleaner, more uniform look. Common-grade wood flooring tends to be more rustic and has more colour variations and imperfections. Then there is cabin grade, which has natural wood features such as colour variations, knots, and wormholes; it gives your floors a more rustic or distressed appearance. The lowest grade is utility grade, which is not used in home flooring but for industrial use where visible defects are not important.

Please keep in mind that specific grades and their definitions can vary for different types of wood in different regions. So it’s important to check the grading standards provided by your local lumber association.

4. The Condition of Your Subfloor

This is a sneaky cost when it comes to hardwood installations across Toronto. So, it is essential to understand the condition of your subfloor before you consider any type of installation.

If your subfloor is rough, uneven or damaged, you will need to set aside some money to level it and add a moisture barrier to ensure a proper installation. You cannot skip these preparatory steps as they are necessary to install hardwood floors.

Not sure about the condition of your subfloor? Contact your installer, and they will help you understand how much you need to spend.

5. The Installation Type

You can only install hardwood after removing your old floor completely. The removal process can also be expensive and is often ignored.

The cost of removal will depend on the type of flooring you have. For instance, carpet is cheaper to remove (around $1 per square foot). But floors installed using the glue-down or staple method will cost more.

Levelling a subfloor can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500. This covers the labour and materials.

Not all hardwood flooring is installed the same way. That’s why reading the manufacturer’s guidelines is important before installation. The installation price will also vary depending on the type of installation required. Choosing a complicated layout, such as herringbone, will require more cuts and trims and therefore cost more. A traditional installation with fewer challenges will cost less.

Hint: read our acclimatization guide before installing any hardwood flooring.

6. Access tothe Site

Where are you installing hardwood flooring? Is it a house or a high-rise? This has a significant impact on installation costs. The cost of your project will go up if it is more complicated, has accessibility problems, or needs any special requirements.

Installing hardwood flooring in a high-rise, for example, may come with additional costs, particularly if the area is difficult to access. You will also have to pay extra if you have particular requirements, like radiant heating.

Please make sure you understand your needs and plan your budget accordingly. If you are new to flooring installation in toronto, learn how to plan and stay within your budget.

7. The Thickness of the Hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring comes in different thicknesses, and the price varies accordingly.

Planks that are 0.75 inches thick (the maximum thickness) can cost between $5 and $15 per square foot. Thinner flooring costs less but will be difficult to refinish. The thinnest, 0.75 inches, has an average cost per square foot between $2 and $6.

Investing in thicker, solid hardwood is a wiser financial decision if you want long-lasting flooring that you can refinish.

7.The Thickness of the Hardwood

 Money Saving Tips for Hardwood Flooring Installation in Toronto

Here are a few tips to save money on hardwood installation in Toronto.

  • Examine Installation Costs: Get quotes from multiple flooring companies or professional installers. To guarantee high-quality work, evaluate their prices, track record, qualifications, and client testimonials. Better craftsmanship and service can occasionally justify higher upfront costs.
  • Maximize Material Usage: To reduce waste, carefully consider how to lay out the flooring. A skilled installer can assist with how to optimally place your boards and minimize the number of cuts and leftovers. This can also improve the flooring’s overall appearance.
  • Select Prefinished Hardwood: Prefinished hardwood does not require on-site finishing because it is applied at the factory. Prefinished hardwood can save money on installation labour and finishing costs, even though it may cost more upfront.
  • Choose Cost-Effective Hardwood Species: The cost of hardwood species varies. While domestic species or engineered hardwood may be more affordable, exotic woods can be quite costly. Look into hardwood species and select one that suits your budget and style preferences.
  • Plan Ahead: Make sure the subfloor is ready for installation before starting any work on it. A clean, smooth subfloor decreases the time and effort needed for installation, which may result in lower labour costs. Prevent installation day problems by taking care of any irregularities in the surface, such as moisture issues.
  • Invest in Wholesale or Discounted Hardwood Flooring: This is yet another excellent piece of money-saving advice. Inspecting the material satisfies your quality standards before purchasing wholesale or discounted hardwood flooring. Examine the flooring for any flaws, colour variances, or defects that could detract from its overall look and functionality. Ask about the vendor’s return policy and warranty to make sure you have options in case of problems.

We hope after reading this, you feel better prepared for a hardwood installation in your Toronto-area home. Always plan ahead and do plenty of research before making any significant decision about your home. It is important to install your hardwood flooring properly using professional installation services like those that The Reno Superstore offers. We offer high-quality installations at great prices. Need advice? Get in touch with us.

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