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Upgrading your floors to hardwood is a decision you will never regret. If you plan to install hardwood flooring in your home or commercial space, do it. This stunning flooring complements most home designs and is a low-maintenance addition to your space.

But while you may have found the perfect hardwood, have you given any thought to its texture?

Textured hardwood flooring is prized for its natural beauty. So, will you choose hand-scraped or distressed? Each is special and unique. Their natural patterns and how they are finished can have a big impact on the aesthetics of your floors. The Reno Superstore offers a huge selection of hand-scraped hardwood flooring as well as distressed hardwood flooring.

Hand-scraped hardwood offers a rustic, antique appearance. This is often due to little irregularities in the wood that lend it charm, as well as the efforts of an artisan. On the other hand, a distressed look often bears a more fabricated irregularity to look aged and vintage, and is completely finished by machines.

We have tried both textures and here’s what we have learned.

Hand-Scraped or Distressed Hardwood Flooring: Learn the Difference 

Hand-scraped and distressed hardwood may seem similar at first glance, but they are completely different and have different impacts on your flooring. Here’s what you need to know about them.

1. Appearance 

Real hardwood flooring is marvelled for its texture, which is defined by the natural grains and patterns in the wooden plank. Hand-scraped and distressed hardwood are definitely sought after, but here is what they look like.

We chose hand-scraped for our living room. One of the major reasons was to maintain the integrity of the existing space. The original floor was old and worn out but hand-scraped, so we wanted to maintain that in our new design. The craftsmanship was stunning, and we loved the little imperfections that came with the planks. Each plank is unique and adds a touch of authenticity to the room. So, if that’s something you are looking for then it’s definitely worth it.

For our bedroom, we chose distressed wooden planks. Although it is completely machine-produced, we were impressed with the way the manufacturer took the time to highlight the little imperfections.

Final thought: Hand-scraped wins. Both were almost the same, but hand-scraped wins, mainly because of the work that craftsmen put behind each wooden plank. The natural beauty of the wood was maintained throughout, which makes this flooring truly unique. However, this is definitely a personal opinion.

2. Finish and Durability 

Hand-scraped floors, as well as distressed floors, have quite a durable matte finish, so you don’t have to worry about refinishing them frequently. Also, both textures have natural imperfections, which help to hide the little scuff marks and dents that naturally occur in high-traffic areas over time.

Hand-scraped planks are installed in our living room (a high-traffic area), and we also have pets, which mean additional scratches. But it’s been over a year since we installed them and so far they are holding up really well.

We chose a matte finish in the bedroom, which looks wonderful, and it helps to hide flaws, but I doubt there are any.

Final thought: It’s a draw. Both these textures are available in matte and shiny variations. We have chosen matte, and we did not notice any substantial differences.

3. Cost 

Hand-scraping is a time-consuming and difficult process, so you basically pay for the labour and craftsmanship. Even though the machining process is far more convenient, this method is still sought after for its unparalleled beauty. Each plank has a story to tell, and that’s something beautiful.

Craftsmanship is always going to cost more. Since we were prepared for that, we did not mind spending extra. We wanted to preserve the structure of our home and install floors that at least resemble our old ones, which have been around for more than eight decades.

Distressed hardwood floors are not dramatically cheaper than their counterparts but are slightly more affordable. If you are on a tight budget, consider installing engineered hardwood, laminate flooring, or even luxury vinyl flooring that can match these types of hardwood floors easily. Learn to plan your renovation without breaking the budget. It’s not impossible.

Final Thought: Distressed hardwood wins. It’s slightly more affordable than the hand-scraped variant.

4. Maintenance 

Both of these floors are low maintenance, much like any other solid hardwood flooring. The naturally distressed look helps to mask any new dents, scratches, or anything that may occur. Avoid harsh chemical products when cleaning wooden floors. Vacuuming and dusting regularly are ideal for your hardwood floors and keep them clean.

Since our floors are a dark color, we feel it helps to hide their imperfections (if any) more easily. With proper maintenance, your hardwood floors will last a lifetime. They are the best option for increasing your ROI.

Final Thought: Both are low maintenance.

5. Installation 

Installing hardwood floors is no easy feat. If you are planning to do so yourself, especially with no prior experience, don’t! We had prior experience and knowledge about installation, and we chose to hire a professional. One of the major challenges that comes with installing distressed and hand-scraped hardwood is putting it in precisely and correctly.

Even the smallest gaps and mistakes can cause major problems later. We arranged for a consultation with Simon, the store owner, who was very prompt and knowledgeable. Eventually, we decided to go ahead with their service since it was most affordable.

Final Thoughts: Both are challenging to install.

The Verdict  

Selecting the finish for your floors is a very personal choice. Always take time to consider various factors such as time for installation, budget, and appearance. Hardwood floors are a long-lasting flooring solution for any space, but take note of where you are installing them. If you are looking to create a high-end feel, there is nothing more luxurious than solid wooden floors. If budget is your main concern then distressed is a better option. Otherwise, they are more or less the same. Trust your instinct and go with the option you love best.

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