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With so many amazing renovation-related products and manufacturers on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed. That is why The Reno Superstore wants to introduce the different brands we carry.

This guide is to help you understand what the manufacturer is all about, including their various products. Each manufacturer makes unique products. Our aim is to help you understand the different manufacturers so you can make the best choice.

Here, we look at Grandeur Flooring.

Let’s get started.

Important Things to Know About Grandeur Flooring

If you are looking for Grandeur Flooring products in Toronto and Mississauga at the best prices, The Reno Superstore is the best place to find them. But first, here are some things you need to know about this brand.

About the Brand

Grandeur Flooring is a Canadian flooring company that specializes in designing and distributing high-quality floor products. They source their raw materials from around the world to provide products that are both distinct and long-lasting.

In addition to creating flooring solutions that accentuate any space, they are also environmentally conscious. That’s why they manufacture their products by abiding by the latest industry standards. They also focus on first-rate materials and manufacturing techniques as part of their commitment to quality and customer service.

To guarantee that their flooring is installed properly and serves its intended purpose, they offer warranties of up to 35 years on all their products.

Grandeur Flooring is a good option for those looking for high-quality, fashionable, and durable flooring. They have established themselves as a trusted brand in the flooring sector thanks to their dedication to first-rate materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and client satisfaction.

Grandeur Flooring Products Offered at The Reno Superstore

1. Hardwood Flooring: Love traditional hardwood flooring? Then check out our extensive selection of hardwood flooring from Grandeur. This is one of the flooring options that can affect your ROI dramatically. Make sure you understand your personal needs, budget, and other factors when buying this flooring.

At the Reno Superstore, we offer hardwood flooring from Grandeur at great prices. Their products are made using superior materials sourced from all over the world and designed expertly. Grandeur Flooring offers solid hardwood flooring from different species and is available in various textures to suit your space.

2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring: If you want the look of real hardwood but at a lower price, engineered hardwood is a great choice. Please note: just like hardwood, this flooring also needs to be acclimatized, so make sure to learn these top tipsbefore installing it.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is sturdy and a great choice for both homes and offices. Grandeur offers a multi-surface core with a unique design where the layers run opposite each other, strengthening the overall design. They have several collections in different colours, designs, and textures, so you can find your perfect match.

3. Vinyl Flooring: Completely waterproof, budget-friendly and stylish, vinyl Grandeur flooring could be the perfect match for your home. Vinyl flooring is a great choice for a wide array of environments and is the best flooring solution if you are on a budget.

Grandeur offers a wide variety of high-quality stylish vinyl flooring; that includes luxury SPC vinyl planks, SPC vinyl tiles and SPC vinyl planks. (It is a good idea to read everything about vinyl flooring before purchasing it.) There are numerous stunning collections available, so you will always find something to suit your needs. If you are still not finding what you are looking for, contact the experts at The Reno Superstore.

Grandeur Flooring Questions Answered

Now that you know what you can find from Grandeur Flooring at The Reno Superstore, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about their products.

1. What is the best way to clean my Grandeur flooring?

What is the best way to clean my Grandeur flooring

Whether you have installed hardwood, engineered hardwood, or vinyl flooring, learning the best way to clean your flooring is a great way to increase its life.

For hardwood flooring, use a damp cloth. Since hardwood and water don’t mix, avoid using a wet mop that can leave excess water behind.

Grandeur Flooring products should never be cleaned with acidic household agents such as oils, soaps, alcohol, waxes, Pine-Sol, or vinegar as these will damage the finish.

2. Are Grandeur Flooring products safe?

Flooring products that emit too many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are considered harmful to indoor air quality. They can also cause serious health issues such as irritation of the eyes. To avoid that, it is important to know if the flooring product you are installing is safe.

Most Grandeur Flooring products are compliant with CARB 2 (meaning it reduces that ‘new home’ smell) and come with FloorScore certification. The process of attaining these certifications means the products have been rigorously tested to the highest industry standards to ensure there are no VOCs that could harm human health.

3. If I turn off the heating or AC when no one is home, will it affect my floors?

Traditional hardwood flooring is quite susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, causing it to expand and contract. That is why maintaining an adequate temperature and humidity level is highly recommended.

According to Grandeur Flooring, the ideal temperature for solid hardwood flooring is 18⁰C (65⁰F) to 24⁰C (75⁰F) and the humidity should be between 40% and 50%. If you have engineered hardwood, the relative humidity level should be between 35% and 55%.

4. What warranty do their products have?

When you buy flooring from reputable manufacturers, you often get a warranty. Grandeur Flooring products come with a limited warranty of up to 35 years, which is a great assurance for you as a homeowner.

We still urge that you read the instructions and warranty manual carefully so that you don’t end up voiding the warranty.

5. Can I install the floor myself?

Hardwood, engineered hardwood, and vinyl are all different types of flooring, but one thing they have in common is that they all require proper installation. Without it, your floors won’t be durable and will definitely cause you problems.

If you have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to install these flooring products, go ahead. If not, it is best to hire a professional installer from The Reno Superstore, who can do it for you at an affordable price.

When shopping for flooring, it is important to explore different options and brands. Grandeur Flooring is a reputable company that offers high-quality products, making it a great choice for your home or office. It is always suggested that you take your time when installing any flooring and make sure the product aligns with your lifestyle needs and budget. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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