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Wondering how much hardwood flooring costs in Mississauga? What about laminate? Flooring is a considerable investment, so spend your money wisely.

But how?

As a homeowner or long-term renter, changing your floors should be carefully thought out. From looks to function to the area of installation, everything needs to be taken into consideration.

But it’s the cost of the flooring that helps to make the decision for most of us.

While there is no denying that the right flooring can change your home for the better, finding it within your budget can be a challenge. The Reno Superstore ensures fair pricing on all home improvement products, and here we examine the average pricing of these flooring products. (Please note that prices may vary depending on the product, special offers, shipping charges, and other factors.)

Top Flooring Products and Their Estimated Prices

Top Flooring Products and Their Estimated Prices

Price is definitely the top motivating factor for any renovation, including floors. Here are top flooring types and their average cost.

1. Cost of Hardwood Flooring 

The unanimous love for hardwood flooring in Mississauga and the rest of the GTA is hard to beat.  Who doesn’t love coming home to stunning wooden floors? That being said, they do come at a significant cost. Hardwood floors with an average thickness of ¾”, either raw or prefinished, are significantly costlier than other types of flooring.

But how much are you looking at? For instance, if you have a space of 1,000 square feet, the price can add up to approximately $10,000. (Please note: prices will vary according to the product you choose.) Always be sure to have your home measured professionally to get an accurate estimate of your project costs and minimize chances of errors.

Pro-tip: You can cut down your project’s cost by installing hardwood flooring in parts of your home instead of the whole house.

2. Cost of Laminate Flooring  

Why should you replace your carpets with laminate floors? It is a great budget buy and is quite durable. Laminate flooring is a type of engineered wood flooring is also a type of laminate flooring that comes with real wood veneers, unlike other laminated counterparts which only imitate hardwoods. Nevertheless, these are quite a durable option for both homes and office spaces.

How much will it cost you to buy them? Engineered wood flooring can see you out of pocket by $5,000 to $7,000 while other look-alike laminates may cost you around $3,000 for a 500 square-feet area.

The layered materials offer stability and resistance against intrusive elements like water, which makes them a great choice for areas like basements and kitchens. So if you are planning to install it in your basement to transform it into a livable space, then this flooring is perfect.

3. Cost Of Tile Flooring 

Porcelain tiles are a great waterproof option for floors and walls. They are easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they are such a wonderful addition to your home or commercial space like a restaurant or even a gym.

Tiles are not easy to install, especially if you have no prior experience. So make sure to add in the cost of professional installation.  Also, there are different grades of tiles, so costing will vary accordingly.

Custom-designed tiles by artisans are a unique way to add style to your space, but the price may be high for such niche tiles. On the other hand, mass-produced tiles are much more affordable. Expect to spend upwards of $600 for a small space.

Pro Tip: Look for tile flooring stores around your area to save on shipping costs.

4. Cost of Carpet  

Carpet is a more or less affordable option widely used in homes and office spaces, but it neither adds value nor lessens the cost of the property wherein it is installed. If you are planning to install carpet on hardwood floors in Mississauga or anywhere else, it will also act as an insulator.

Points to consider when installing carpet are room size, the pile, and the cost of installation. So, you may expect an average of $2.61 per square foot to upwards of $5. Again, this is a rough estimate and the price will vary depending on who you choose as an installation service provider.

5. Cost of Vinyl Flooring  

If you are trying to save money or simply cannot afford the above-mentioned floors, then vinyl is just right for you. Good-quality vinyl flooring (which The Reno Superstore has plenty of) is an excellent and budget-friendly option.

The best part is that it imitates much-coveted hardwood floors and other flooring options like tile and stone but at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl flooring can cost anywhere from $3 to $5 approximately.

Pro Tip: Try to look for discounts and special sales at your local flooring store to get the best deal.

Additional Factors That Affects Your Final Cost 

  1. The type of wood flooring you choose, especially whether it is solid or engineered, affects the cost of the material. Domestic variants such as oak will cost less than exotics for instance.
  2. The price of shipping and labour will vary according to where you live. The further away, the more you pay.
  3. Installation charges can add significantly to your budget. That being said, The Reno Superstore has a fair pricing policy on all their products and services, including installation. So, if you live in the GTA, you can take advantage of that.
  4. Preparing your floors for electrical, plumbing, heating and other such factors will add to your costs. If your plan includes these aspects, speak to your interior designer or contractor regarding the expected costing and add 20% for unforeseeable circumstances.
  5. Check out permits and inspection fees in your area and add them to your budget.
  6. If you hire a general construction contractor to supervise your project, add their fees.

In the end you need to ask yourself where the best place is to buy hardwood flooring (or any other) in Mississauga. The Reno Superstore has expertise in providing the best materials at competitive prices. This is a rough estimate of the real value of your project, but we have tried our best to offer you an idea of what to expect. Putting in flooring is a major expense that requires thorough consideration, so do plenty of research and choose a flooring material that suits your needs. We are now open in two locations, in Toronto and Mississauga. Shop online or get in touch with us for your next project.

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