Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we install solid hardwood over a concrete slab?

Answer: It is generally recommended to avoid installing a hardwood floor over concrete, primarily because moisture from the concrete can harm the wood. In case of such an installation, it is best to allow the concrete to dry completely before installing hardwood. 

However, this is just the beginning of very elaborate floor prep. The first step is to set plastic over the slap, then taping all seams. Then, on top of this plastic film, add moisture-resistant wood (marine plywood) to act as a subfloor. 

If you install hardwood flooring in this manner, make sure to consult the manufacturer. Also, remember this may void your residential warranty. 

2. Can we install hardwood flooring over an existing vinyl floor?

Answer: Yes and no. There are several things to consider when installing a hardwood floor over an existing vinyl one. Find out if the existing vinyl flooring is attached tightly to the subfloor or if it has a thick cushion attached. Understanding these aspects can help you form a plan of action. 

If your vinyl floor is thin and well attached to the subfloor, you may install hardwood flooring over it. Installation can be done using the nail-down process. However, it is strongly recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation process and find out if this type of installation is warranted by the manufacturer.

3. How do I get rid of scratches on hardwood floors?

Answer: Just like any flooring material, hardwood undergoes wear and tear. For minor scratches a simple touch-up kit should be enough. However, it is suggested to use finished products recommended by the manufacturer for best results. Start by applying a small amount in a small, out-of-the-way area to test the finished product. 

For deeper scratches, hire a flooring installation expert, as the floor will require thorough sanding and recoats. If the damage is far reaching, it may need to be replaced. Therefore, it is best to hire a reputable flooring installer who can examine the damage and devise an appropriate work plan. 

4. Can we install hardwood flooring in all the rooms of the house?

Answer: Hardwood is a durable and beautiful flooring choice. However, it is best not to install it in wet environments like bathrooms, mudrooms, basements, and kitchens. Hardwood is a natural building material that absorbs water or other moisture; this results in swelling and warping of the wood which can lead to damage. Damaged floors require replacement, which can become a recurring expense. 

Since bathrooms are exposed to water and spills from washbasins, taps, and showers/tubs, it is best to avoid installing wooden flooring there. 

5. What is the best flooring option for bathrooms and laundry rooms?

Answer: It is important to note that both these rooms have high moisture content. That’s why it’s important to select a flooring type that protects against water. Porcelain and vinyl tiles are both water-resistant options that come in a range of attractive designs and textures. Since they are low maintenance and easy to clean, they make a great option for wet areas like bathrooms. 

6. What is the difference between solid wood and engineered wood flooring?

Answer: Solid hardwood is made from milling timbre that is naturally sourced. It should not be installed in moisture-prone environments as exposure will likely damage it. There are several species of solid hardwood, such as maple, oak, and hickory, each of which is a durable flooring option. 

Engineered wood is a modern-day invention that looks just like solid hardwood. Its top layer is composed of real hardwood which is adhered together with premium-quality plywood. Although it is more stable than hardwood, it cannot be refinished as often. 

To learn more about the differences between solid and engineered hardwood floors, read this. 

7. Can I install hardwood flooring on my own?

Answer: Yes, but beware that installing hardwood floors requires considerable expertise and tools to get the job done right. Since floor remodelling is a significant investment, it is best to get it installed properly, or you may end up spending more to get them fixed. That is why it is highly recommended to hire a reputable company to provide your floor installation services. 

8. What is the best way to clean carpets?

Answer: Carpets are a great flooring choice but need routine cleaning to keep them spick and span. Start with vacuuming to suck away all dust and allergens, although steam cleaning is the best way to deep clean them. It is recommended to steam clean every 12-18 months, or more often if you have pets or young children. 

9. How do I shop for hardwood floors?

Answer: We get that shopping for any flooring product isn’t easy. especially hardwood. Always take your time to understand your personal needs and preferences. Also, do not forget your budget when choosing a flooring material. 

When shopping, find store flooring experts. Remember, knowledge is power, so read articles that educate you on buying hardwood flooring. 

10. Is affordable renovation a myth?

Answer: It’s a fact, but it depends upon factors like the kind of renovation, the materials being used, and where you’re sourcing your materials. 

There is always an economic way to upgrade your home. For instance, a simple coat of paint or a new bathroom vanity (on sale) can help transform your home in a big way. 

Always look for ideas to save a buck or two and focus on understanding your immediate needs. Staying on budget takes effort, so shop from places that offer good deals and financing. Be ready to hunt thrift stores and flea markets to get a bargain. For more ideas, read here. 

11. What is the advantage of installing laminate flooring?

Answer: The major advantage of laminate over other flooring materials like hardwood is that it is budget-friendly. Laminate floors are pretty easy to install, but make sure you have adequate experience. Additionally, they come in a variety of designs and textures, so having a unique floor is well within your reach. 

As they resist scratches and fading, they also stand up to heavy foot traffic. Here is an article that discusses how to select laminate flooring.

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12. Can I pay for my purchases in installments?

Answer: Absolutely! We understand that remodelling your home can be expensive, and that’s why we provide easy financing solutions for all your shopping needs, starting from $50. You can buy all our home improvement products, ranging from flooring, tiles, baths/vanities, and doors to supplies and accessories with an easy payment option. 

We have partnered with PayBright to ensure each and every transaction is safe and secure. Just select PayBright at checkout. It’s that simple. 

13. What kind of floors do you install?

Answer: We sell a wide selection of flooring materials and offer installation services. We install engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, vinyl, laminates, and carpet. Feel free to visit our showroom on Caledonia Road, or call us at 416-258-RENO (7366). 

14. Who is responsible for the warranty of the products I purchase?

Answer: The warranty of all materials is honoured by the flooring brand and/or manufacturer. Please note that The Reno Superstore is not responsible for the warranty. We can facilitate the warranty claim but will not assume any responsibility for the outcome. 

Remember, the manufacturer’s product warranty does not cover damage caused by acts of God, abuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, water damage or leaks, humidity or moisture-related issues, expansion and contraction, and, lastly, any subfloor issue. Always speak to your contractor about how to best preserve your flooring so you can get a warranty in case of any other issue. 

15. What are your cancellation and return policies?

Answer: The window for returns is 30 days. Please note that opened boxes cannot be returned. If there is a custom or special order, the products cannot be cancelled or returned. The same rule applies to carpets since they are often custom fit. Also, clearance items cannot be returned. 

For other items, like bathroom vanities, the manufacturer provides 1 year of defect warranty, valid for residential installations only. Since we provide a wide selection of products and services, we have a detailed policy. Please read this section carefully to learn more about our cancellation, return, and exchange policy.

16. How long does it generally take for my order to arrive?

Answer: The Reno Superstore offers free delivery in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Depending on the type of product (customization may take a bit more time), you may expect your order to arrive within 48 hours. 

17. Is your store open on the weekends?

Answer: Yes, it is. We believe in catering to our customers so are open throughout the week. Our showroom on Caledonia Rd in Toronto is open 8 to 6 Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 on Saturday, and 10 to 4 on Sunday. 

Additionally, you can shop online from anywhere at any time.  

18. Do I have to pay for my delivery?

Answer: Not if your order is above $900 (before tax). Below $900, you will need to pay the amount calculated at checkout.

19. Can I specify how my products are delivered?

Answer: You need to discuss the exact terms of the delivery with our salesperson at the showroom. We use third-party delivery services that offer two types of delivery:

  • Curbside, which means that the product will be dropped off at your curbside, garage, or driveway; or
  • Delivery with off-loading. This means the product will be brought to the main floor of your house. 

Please note that The Reno Superstore is not responsible for any damage incurred by the delivery service during shipping, but will help to aid the claim. 

20. How can I buy from The Reno Superstore?

Answer: You can buy from our massive showroom on Caledonia Road in Toronto, or you can shop online. 

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