Covid-19 Terms

Although we are an essential business, the new provincial lock down measures have forced us to operate on a curb-side basis only. We are OPEN though and we are ready to help. We have taken the following steps:

1. We have launched e-commerce online purchasing for all our Doors and Bathroom Vanities. The rest of our products coming soon. You can get your products delivered at record times or you can pick up at our store.

2. You can come to the front of the store, and we will assist you with your needs. We will show you the product and try to give you something similar to an in-store experience.

3. The majority of our products are visible online. You can place your order by email at

4. You can call us during business hours. We will help you and can also take your orders: 416-258-7366

5. You can place your order curb-side, at the door or while in your car.

6. Pick up can be done at our loading dock at the back of store

7. Payments can be done remotely.

8. You can call our store to arrange a video call using WhatsApp. You can do your shopping by video, at home.
Your safety is our priority. Let’s get through this pandemic all while doing our part to keep our community safe.


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