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Are you thinking of installing a new countertop in your business? You’ll need to make sure it’s durable and matches your surroundings.

Fortunately, there are many options. But which is best for your space?

When it comes to materials, it’s important to assess each carefully. Here we examine five of the best commercial countertop materials in Toronto and Mississauga.

Let’s get started.

Top Commercial Countertop Materials in Toronto/Mississauga 

Research is important when considering any countertop material, whether for your home or business. Take a look at these five versatile and durable materials perfect for your next project.

1. Granite


This is easily one of the top countertop materials. Elegant and luxurious granite countertops are one of the best in terms of their use in kitchens and businesses. If your budget can accommodate it, granite is worth considering.

If you are installing a new countertop for your space, granite is a great option for many reasons. Let’s look at its pros and cons to understand it better.


●       Almost impervious to heat

●       Extremely strong and durable

●       Can be installed indoors and outdoors

●       Plenty of options, including different colours and types

●       Very low maintenance, especially after treatment with new sealers

●       Increases ROI of your business


●       Requires substantial investment

●       Needs to be professionally installed, as improper/subpar installation will lead to cracks and other issues

●       Requires proper sealant to avoid staining, as stone is porous


2. Marble 

Stunning and timeless marble countertops are a sound investment that makes it a top contender. Most commonly used in kitchens, they are a great countertop option for both residential and commercial projects.

Since marble is a natural stone, no two countertops will be the same. So, if you are installing larger commercial countertops you can expect more variations in design. The Reno Superstore offers marble tiles at great prices that can be sized to fit any type of commercial kitchen or other projects.


●       Aesthetically pleasing

●       Increases the ROI of your project

●       Easy to maintain and care for

●       Water and heat-resistant



●       Expensive

●       Must be installed professionally

●       Difficult to repair


3. Quartz 

Quartz is an engineered stone that contains 93% quartz particles. It can be shaped into the form you choose and is then bound with resin.

Quartz is a popular option when it comes to larger commercial countertops in Toronto and Mississauga. It has a non-porous surface and offers a wide range of customization options. This includes faithful imitation of natural marble with similar veining. And it does not require annual sealing.


●       Easy to maintain; no additional sealing required.

●       Uniform look with no imperfections

●       Better hygiene since it is non-porous

●       Can be custom fabricated to any size or shape

●       Stain-resistant



●       Expensive and requires professional installation

●       Extremely heavy and difficult to set up


4. Concrete 

If you are looking for commercial countertops in Toronto and Mississauga at a more affordable price, concrete is your best bet. Concrete countertops don’t just look industrial.  Today, you can find highly-polished concrete slabs that have textures, colours and even stains.

Other than larger commercial countertops that can be installed both indoors and outdoors, they also make great flooring options. In fact, concrete floors have many benefits and can be restored easily in case of damage.


●       Budget-friendly option

●       Heat and scratch-resistant

●       Offers contemporary industrial look

●       Low maintenance; ideal for long term use

●       Many versatile designs

●       Can be easily repaired


●       Surface may crack over time

●       Surface porous unless sealed regularly

●       Offers no ROI


5. Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain Tiles


There are always fresh new porcelain tile designs that offer plenty of options if you are installing a new countertop. Waterproof, durable, and easy-to-clean porcelain tiles are available in many shapes and sizes. This means some options allow for countertop installation as well.

It is wrong to think porcelain tiles are just meant for floors and walls. They are also a good option for commercial countertops in Toronto. Let’s have a look at some of their pros and cons.


●       Non-porous and hygienic surface

●       Easy to clean and maintain

●       Water and heat-resistant

●       Cost-effective commercial countertop option

●       Endless range of colours, styles, and designs


●       Grout lines can be difficult to clean

●       Offers less ROI compared to marble, granite or quartz


Countertops are an active surface space, whether for commercial or residential projects. Therefore careful consideration is required when choosing a surface material. Our collection of countertop materials is suitable for all kinds of projects and budgets in Mississauga and Toronto. We also offer top-notch countertop installation services within the GTA. Get in touch with us to know more.

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