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Laminate flooring is a popular option for homeowners thanks to its durability, wide range of attractive styles, and budget-friendly prices.

But their benefits can only be enjoyed if you make the right choice.

If you’ve decided to install laminate flooring from The Reno Superstore, there are several factors you need to be aware of to choose the right kind.

How to Choose Laminate Flooring

This can be a challenging task, so we’ve outlined five vital areas to consider when looking for the right laminate flooring product.

1. Types of Laminate Flooring

There are two types of laminate flooring: engineered wood and plastic laminate.

Engineered wood is slightly more expensive and looks more natural. Its top layer is made from a thin sheet of hardwood that can be sanded and refinished in case of damage. This makes it longer-lasting than its counterpart.

The second option plastic laminate is lower-priced and more water-resistant. The latter feature makes it more suitable for moisture-prone areas. They’re also quite durable and can withstand pressure from high-pressure areas.

2. The Thickness of Laminate Flooring

Remember to pay attention to the laminate’s thickness as this is often ignored, despite its importance. The cardinal rule when choosing laminate flooring is thicker is always better. Learn the AC ratings for types of laminate flooring to pick the one that matches your needs. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the AC rating, the higher the price, so make sure you don’t overpay.

AC1 is the lowest rating and only suitable for light residential use, such as inside closets or rooms that don’t see heavy traffic. AC2 is built for moderate foot traffic, while AC3 is perfect for areas like the kitchen that experience high foot traffic. AC4 and AC5 are ideal for heavy foot traffic spaces like business or commercial spaces.

In case of any doubt, consult The Reno Superstore’s flooring experts. They are ready to guide you through your renovation journey.

3. Choosing Installation Processes

Laminate flooring is fairly easy to install, but it’s always a good idea to hire reputable flooring installers for the best results. Laminate floorings can be installed in several ways, which we have categorized here.

  • Glueless Click

The most common installation type, the glueless, click-lock type can be installed quickly and easily.

  • Glued Laminate

This installation process requires considerable time and effort, so hiring a flooring expert is advisable. The resulting floor is very strong once installed, however.

  • Pre-Glued

Here, the joints have glue already applied to them, but they may need to be moistened to activate the glue before installing.

  • Pre-Attached Underlay (Or None)

Underlay is a thin foam padding that helps to absorb sound and acts as a barrier against moisture. Laminates with a pre-attached underlay make the installation process faster. If your laminate doesn’t have this, buy the underlays separately and install them.

No matter the kind of installation you choose, avoid installing them on your own if you have no prior experience or tools. Ensure a proper floor renovation via The Reno Superstore’s installation services.

4. Choosing the Right Finish

Laminate flooring comes in a wide selection of finishes and styles, making it widely popular with homeowners. Advances in printing technology mean it can faithfully (and inexpensively) mimic porcelain tiles, hardwood, and many more designs.

But consider your lifestyle when choosing. For instance, if you have an active household with kids and pets, then it is best to consider laminate tiles with a matte finish instead of a glossy one. A pattern like distressed faux wood or varied grain will appear cleaner, and scratch marks from pets will be less visible. The Reno Superstore offers a huge collection of stunning laminate flooring in diverse styles and budgets.

5. Places to Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate can be installed almost everywhere, but always consider their practicalities. Here is what to expect, room by room.

  • Foyers and Entryways

Even though laminate is a very resilient flooring option, it must be installed with care to prolong its usage. Entryways and foyers can be exposed to rain, snow, dirt, mud, sand, and other weather-related conditions. So, if you’re planning to install them in these places, be certain to lay down a mat or shoe carpet to keep flooring dry.

  • Living and Dining Rooms 

These are ideal for installing laminates but only after checking their AC rating. As these areas experience significant foot traffic, they require thicker laminate flooring.

  • Workspace or Study

While a great choice for your study or workspace (home office), it’s a good idea to place a special plastic mat under the wheels or pegs of your chair to avoid marking the floor.

  • Bathrooms and Kitchens

Have you installed laminate flooring in your living room? If you have an open plan kitchen, feel free to continue the scheme here. Just be sure to mop up spilled water right away as it can damage the subfloor.

Bathrooms experience significant humidity and moisture so it’s not advisable to install this type of flooring. Consider other options like porcelain tiles.

When it comes to laminate flooring, the most important thing to keep in mind is quality. So, read reviews and choose your flooring with care. Certain home renovation stores (like The Reno Superstore) offer financing assistance and installation services so investigate your options thoroughly before investing. Consult the flooring experts at The Reno Superstore regarding laminate (and other flooring options) for your home and business.

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