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Do you want to change your flooring but aren’t sure which material to choose, let alone its cost? You may have the perfect floor in mind, but your lifestyle and budget may make it impossible.

Or is it?

While putting in flooring is an expensive renovation, that doesn’t mean you need to keep living with your old carpeting or scuffed-up vinyl. Cost is certainly a motivating factor, but there are lots of flooring options, from hardwood to laminate, that could also be ideal.

The Reno Superstore offers an enviable collection of flooring from the top brands in Canada at the best prices. Let’s have a look at some of the best flooring options and how they can be yours without breaking the bank.

Pick a Top Flooring Option for Your Home without Overspending

It pays to do a little research before changing up your flooring. So, here are top flooring options for your home that could be perfect for your space and budget.


Types of Flooring from Which to Choose


1. Hardwood

Do you love the charm of hardwood floors? This traditional flooring choice is known for its inherent strength and durability, making it a top pick among homeowners. If you are looking to recover your investment then hardwood flooring definitely checks that box.

With its abundant advantages, the only major downside to hardwood floors is that they cannot be installed in high-moisture areas like basements and bathrooms.

The cost of hardwood flooring largely depends on the species of wood, so you can expect to pay anything from $3 to $14 per square foot on average. Pre-finished wood planks are cheaper than site-finished ones. We highly recommend getting your hardwood floors done professionally via. The Reno Superstore to minimize the risk of subpar installations and damages


2. Engineered Hardwood

This is the best alternative to solid wood flooring. The top veneer of engineered hardwood is actual wood which is then bonded with several layers of plywood. This makes an excellent, durable, and stable flooring option that is more affordable than solid hardwood.

Just like wood flooring, they are available in various species (depending on their top veneer) and easy to install. Please note that their durability directly depends on their thickness which also guides their installation.

The cost of engineered hardwood is less than solid hardwood, so that is something you should consider if your budget does not allow hardwood flooring.


3. Porcelain Tiles

Looking for a versatile flooring option? Porcelain tiles are your best contender because you can install them in every room. Cost-effective, stylish and waterproof, these floors will survive anything life throws at them. So, you can expect to see fewer scratches from your pets or cracks from kids dropping heavy things ‘by accident’.

With advances in printing technology, porcelain tiles can come in virtually any design. They can be slippery, though, so be sure to install textured tiles in bathrooms to minimize slip and fall injuries. Their prices will vary depending on the quality of the tiles.

Please note that tiles have different ratings. Wall tiles and floor tiles are very different and should be installed according to their installation guidelines; they are not interchangeable.


4. Laminate

Laminate is incredibly popular and extremely affordable. Resembling engineered flooring in terms of build, they differ in their veneer, which is a photograph instead of real wood, as in the case of engineered floors.

This also means that laminate can look like anything, from wood and stone to vivid patterns, so you have plenty of choices. They are a great choice for a quick upgrade and require very little upkeep. So if you want to save money and time, this is an option to consider. Just be careful as they can become slippery when wet.


5. Vinyl

Last but not least, vinyl flooring is a super-tough material that can bear moisture and heavy traffic without burning a hole in your budget. The Reno Superstore has a wide variety of vinyl flooring at great prices.

They are easy to install and replace, which makes them a favourite among many homeowners. On the other hand, you need to ensure the vinyl you buy is good quality to take advantage of their benefits; otherwise, they may not last.

You can expect these floors to range from $0.05 to $5 per sq. foot.


How to Save Money on Flooring


1. Shop Online

More accessible and better deals can often be found online than in store. Plus, you get the benefit of comparing prices. That makes it so much easier to shop, knowing you are getting the best bargain.

The Reno Superstore always has flooring materials at special prices so keep your eyes peeled for these offers. We offer a price-check guarantee so that you get the best deal.


2. Consider Alternatives

Be realistic about your budget and consider alternatives. Different building materials are priced differently, so think about all your options before investing. For example, before you decide on a high-end exotic hardwood variant, consider a look-alike engineered wood or porcelain tile.


3. Choose a Reputable Installation Service

This is not to discourage DIY enthusiasts, but investing in a proper installation service provider means there are fewer chances of mistakes and better quality of work. Moreover, many installers offer a warranty on their work. Also, you don’t want to pour money down the drain through constant flooring repairs. Be sure to choose the right installation service provider, like The Reno Superstore.


4. Opt for Easy Financing

Flooring renovation is expensive, and we get that. But that doesn’t mean you should stall your renovation. Instead, avail yourself of The Reno Superstore’s easy and quick financing and pay at your convenience. It’s available for purchases starting as low as $50. The same applies to installation services.

Saving up for your dream floor is a great idea, but these ideas and tricks can save you money so The Reno Superstore offers a huge selection of floors, only a few of which we have touched on here. Please browse through our other collections and get in touch with us about your project.

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