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Tired of your old bathroom? Then spruce it up! The fastest way to do so is to install a vanity. But not just a vanity: a complete bathroom vanity set.

What do we mean by a vanity set?

A bathroom vanity set includes a ready-to-install cabinet, countertop, sink, faucet and cabinets.

At The Reno Superstore, we always get customers looking for vanities in our Mississauga and Toronto stores, and often suggest a complete bathroom vanity set instead. Here we explore why this may be a good idea for your home.

Let’s get started!


Benefits of Buying a Bathroom Vanity Set 

A vanity set is a quick and efficient way to improve your bathroom’s aesthetics and storage options. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on our bathroom vanity sets in Toronto and Mississauga.

1. It’s Affordable 

This is one of the top reasons our customers are motivated to purchase a stylish bathroom vanity set.

Buying each piece separately generally costs more. Then, tack on shipping. Plus, your packages will come separately which increases your wait time.

Buying a bathroom vanity set eliminates these issues and reduces your costs. Plus, everything is delivered at the same time so you can install it right away.

2. There’s No Hassle Looking for a Countertop 

Shopping for the perfect vanity countertop is definitely a task. Want to avoid the hassle of purchasing a countertop separately? Installing a bathroom vanity set is your best solution.

Not only does the countertop fit your vanity perfectly, there is no extra time spent fabricating a new one. The extra cost of purchasing the countertop separately also adds significantly to your total budget. This is something you avoid when you buy a complete vanity set.

3. Installation Is Faster 

Installation Is Faster

All parts of your bathroom vanity set arrive together and are ready to install! This speeds up your bathroom remodel significantly – something for which both you and your contractor will be thankful.

4. Your Cabinets Match Your Countertops 

It’s an aesthetic horror when your bathroom vanity countertop and cabinets do not match. And there is a higher chance of mismatching thanks to colour variations and other inaccuracies when you buy separately.

Fortunately, when you buy a complete vanity set, this faux pas will never happen.

Why Shop for Bathroom Vanities at The Reno Superstore?  

The Reno Superstore is one of the best places to shop for vanities in Mississauga and Toronto.

Here’s why:

1. We Have Many Options

You will never be short of options when it comes to bathroom vanity sets in our Mississauga and Toronto stores because we understand the need for variety. That’s why our retail and online stores are well-stocked with the latest vanity styles, so you always get the best and latest.

2. We Sell High-Quality Products 

We Sell High-Quality Products

Since bathrooms are moisture-prone, we all need to invest in quality products that last. Every bathroom vanity set we sell is expertly produced and durable, ensuring you value for money. We encourage our customers to invest in quality products to ensure their longevity.

3. We Have the Best Prices 

This core company policy means we sell bathroom vanity sets at a wide range of prices. We always offer you the best products at the best prices. Keep an eye out for sales in our Toronto and Mississauga stores.

4. We Offer Easy Payment 

We make securing home renovation materials convenient by offering easy financing, starting with purchases as low as $50. Get your bathroom vanity set today and pay at your convenience.

5. We Provide Free Delivery 

We offer free shipping in and around the GTA at no extra charge. Once we receive your order, we ship it immediately to you. Or, if you wish to pick it up from our retail stores, that is possible too. No matter which option you pick, we work hard to get it to you.

Stylish, affordable and ready-to-install pre-made vanity sets are a clever way to add style to your bathroom. Still need reasons to buy one? Let us help you. Get in touch with the professionals at The Reno Superstore and explore your bathroom vanity options. We also offer top-notch installation services at the best prices in Toronto and Mississauga.

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