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Do you intend to install new tiles in your Toronto-area office or home? While tile shopping in Toronto can be exciting, there are so many types of tiles that your search can quickly become confusing. And, if you are not prepared, you can make errors that come back to haunt you. So, it is important to avoid common mistakes to maximize your investment.

At The Reno Superstore, we understand how daunting tile shopping can be, especially the first time. This post will outline seven common mistakes when buying from a Toronto tile shop. We hope to help you make wise choices and design the space you have always wanted.

Let’s get started.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping at a Tile Shop in Toronto

Tiles are a great investment. Highly durable and long-lasting, there are many benefits to installing them. But with so many options, choosing the right kind for your needs can be a challenge. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when shopping at a tile shop in Toronto like The Reno Superstore.

1. Choosing Price Over Quality

When renovating your home, budget is undoubtedly important, but choosing low-quality materials is a big mistake just because they are cheaper. Doing so to save money is a bad idea because replacements and repairs will cost you more. When selecting tiles, quality should come first. Investing in high-quality tiles that can withstand wear and tear is critical, particularly in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Choosing Price Over Quality

2. Not Sampling Tiles

So, you like Moroccan-style tile for your kitchen? Great! Before placing an order at the tile shop, ensure the style is appropriate by ordering a sample tile. It is important to note that tiles in a showroom or online will definitely look different in your home or business. So, the tile you loved so much at the store or on the website may make your space appear dull or not match your overall decor.

Since purchasing tiles is an investment, it is prudent to order a sample. That way, you can test it out in your own home or business to see if it works in your space. It will also allow you to inspect the tile’s texture, finish, and other characteristics.

3. Not Doing Research

It is important to do some research before beginning the tile-buying process. Too many buyers make the mistake of rushing into a purchase before thoroughly researching their options.

What type of tile are you buying? Do you know the difference between wall and floor tiles? Is porcelain tile the right choice for your home? Doing your homework before you make the rounds at your nearest tile shop in Toronto is something you should seriously consider.

Also, check the installation area and consider who will use the space. For example, will the bathroom in which you are installing porcelain tiles be used by seniors? If so, textured floor tiles are better than smooth porcelain tiles to reduce slips and falls. Researching various tile types, their benefits and drawbacks, and appropriate applications can help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

4. Avoid Asking Questions

As a customer, you should always ask questions of your tile supplier in Toronto. Whenever you are making a purchase, you should understand everything relevant about what you are buying. So, if you have any questions or concerns, definitely ask. The more you know, the better.

5. Not Looking for Special Offers

Why pay more when you can spend less? If you are on a budget, a flooring sale is your best bet for finding quality products at bargain prices.

To draw in customers, tile shops in Toronto and everywhere else frequently run sales, discounts, and exclusive offers. Nevertheless, some customers fail to take advantage of these possibilities and wind up overpaying. To maximize savings without sacrificing quality, keep an eye out for special offers, clearance sales, or bundle deals.

You can also save money by asking your tile supplier if they have any old stock. Sometimes, tile warehouses in and around Toronto have sales on styles that they bought in bulk, or they are putting certain items on clearance. Be careful, though. Check the quality of the products and make sure they are of good quality. Sometimes, on-sale items may not have a warranty, so check that before you invest.

6. Overlooking Size and Quantity

Another common mistake is to underestimate the significance of tile size and quantity. Before you head to tile shops in Toronto, ensure you have taken accurate measurements of your space.

Failure to accurately measure the space can cause the store to miscalculate the number of tiles required, which can cause delays and additional costs. Take precise measurements and consider factors such as tile size, pattern, and layout to avoid running out of tiles or having far too many.

As a rule of thumb, always order an additional 10% of the total number of tiles you have ordered. This accounts for wastage and damaged tiles that can/will happen during installation.

Overlooking Size and Quantity

7. Disregarding Delivery Time

When planning your project, it is a good idea to anticipate the delivery time. If you have hired installers (something we highly recommend), the last thing you want is for them to wait while your tiles arrive.

Make sure to check your tiles carefully after they are delivered. That said, ask about their return/replacement policy before you buy if you have any issues.

Also, make sure that a designated space has been set aside for the tiles to be safely delivered and stored. It is recommended that the area be connected to the outdoors and have a shed and electric outlet so that the installers can use the space to cut and shape the tiles for installation.


Can I install tiles on my own, or do I need an expert’s assistance?

Big projects need expert help to guarantee correct installation and long-term durability.

Do porcelain and ceramic tiles function similarly?

Despite both being composed of clay, porcelain tiles are denser and more resilient than ceramic tiles, which makes them more appropriate for high-traffic areas.

Can I use the same tiles in both indoor and outdoor projects?

Some tiles are not appropriate for outdoor use because of factors like weather exposure and slip resistance. To choose tiles that are appropriate for your particular outdoor application, speak with tile specialists at The Reno Superstore.

What is the typical lifespan of tiles?

Tile longevity is determined by a variety of factors, including but not limited to the quality of the tiles, the care you take in maintaining them, and usage. If properly cared for, high-quality tiles can last for decades, whereas lower-quality ones may need to be replaced much sooner.

When purchasing tiles from a tile shop in Toronto, you can make informed decisions by avoiding these common mistakes and following the tips outlined in this article. Remember to conduct thorough research, prioritize quality, consider maintenance requirements, and seek professional advice if necessary. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create the desired look for your space while increasing the value and longevity of your tile investments. Speak with the experts at The Reno Superstore for help choosing the best tile for your space.

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