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It’s lovely to come home to quiet after a long day of work. But do you?

Thanks to inadequate construction or open floor plans, noise in your living space can be maddening. If you are planning to renovate and wish to make it more soundproof, we can help. Check out these simple renovation ideas from The Reno Superstore to keep the unnecessary noise where it belongs: away from you!


Best Renovation Ideas for Soundproofing Your Home

Soundproofing your home is the best way to deal with unwanted sound. Let’s check out some effective ways to do just that.


1. Locate the Problem Area

Begin by finding the areas in your home that require soundproofing, like thin walls.

Remember, not all your rooms need soundproofing at the same time. Locating the issue will save you both time and money.


2. Add Proper Furnishing

Empty spaces are prone to echo, so add furnishings to help absorb sound. Furniture and work islands act as a barrier that helps to significantly control noise. A minimalist decor can pose a challenge, but these next ideas can help.


3. Add Soft Furnishings

Consider this a quick fix for soundproofing your home. Adding soft furnishing will help to absorb sound. If you are looking for a simple, yet budget-friendly renovation ideas, this may be a good solution for you. Using area rugs, tapestries, heavy curtains and other such products can minimize noise in your home.

Laying down budget-friendly carpet bought from The Reno Superstore can dramatically improve your floors’ soundproofing, at home or in your office. Adding an acoustic carpet underlay can reduce the noise further.


4. Rethink Your Open Floor Plan

Open concept floor plans are much loved and used in almost every modern home. Besides making your living area look spacious, it also creates a pleasing flow.

But apart from being aesthetically pleasing, an open concept allows sound to travel more easily. So, reconsider your open floor plan if you’re about to renovate.

However, if you already have one and loath the idea of adding walls, consider using room dividers or bookshelves to lessen the noise.


5. Install Solid Interior Doors

Interior doors are more than just stylish; they are also incredibly functional. Buying the right one is important to soundproofing your home.

Most interior doors come with a hollow core. While suitable for indoor use, they aren’t very effective in containing sound, so a solid core door is best for minimizing noise.


6. Install an Extra Layer of Drywall

This is a great way to ensure better insulation and soundproofing. Please note: this process requires a degree of expertise so don’t try to DIY it.

Since this is more expensive than regular drywall, it’s wise to start with your most problematic walls or ceilings.


7. Use Weather Stripping Tape

Are you on a tight budget? The Reno Superstore has you covered. If filling your walls or installing acoustic panels isn’t workable, consider investing in a more cost-effective solution, like weather stripping tape. This is an effective way to soundproof your home and insulate it at the same time.

If you are visiting our store, ask our renovation experts about how to use it.


8. Install Hardwood Flooring Over MLV

While solid hardwood is undoubtedly a popular flooring choice and offers an almost noise-free finish, wear and tear can impact the wood, leading to creaking.

Adding a layer of MLV (mass loaded vinyl) underneath wooden floors is a smart strategy for combating noise infiltration. They are also a greener and more viable soundproofing option than lead. Putting it between layers of drywall for extra soundproofing makes it suitable for places like nurseries or offices. Consult your contractor about installing this material when renovating your home.


9. Install Double-Glazed Windows

If the noise that is bothering you is coming from outside, then double-glazed windows are perfect. They are excellent sound barriers that can help dampen or completely block (depending on the distance) sound waves.

The Canadian government encourages the use of energy-efficient building materials, including double-glazed windows. So, this is a clever way to insulate your home and make it more energy efficient.

A soundproof home renovation noise can create a calm and peaceful environment for your family. We hope these above-mentioned simple renovation ideas will help you achieve just that. Get in touch with the renovation experts at The Reno Superstore to get started.

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