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The stairs in your Toronto home do not have to be just a functional element; they can also be a great way to show off your personal style. If you have stairs that you want to spruce up or are building a new staircase, this post will help.

A redesigned staircase can become a focal point in your home, so never underestimate the power of good design. At The Reno Superstore, we constantly strive to offer our customers the latest trends in home renovation so they can make informed decisions. You can also explore our wide range of stair posts, treads, and other accessories at the best prices in Toronto.

Here are some inspiring design ideas for the stairs in your Toronto home.

Use This Stair Riser Inspiration for Your Toronto Home

Rethinking your stair risers can help transform your Toronto home. Here are some ideas to inspire your next renovation.

1. Dramatic Ombre Style

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? You can introduce a single-colour stair riser that darkens or becomes lighter as you ascend. You can use paint, laminate, wallpaper or even carpet to achieve this subtle (or dramatic) style.

For example, you could use a stair riser that changes colour from pale blue to dark blue as you descend or ascend. By keeping the style of the rest of your home minimal, this particular style of stair riser can become a focal point in your home.

2. Geometric Pattern Style

This is a great idea for porcelain tile or hardwood flooring. Using geometric-style stair treads can add eye-catching detail to your otherwise functional stairs. Playing with Moroccan-style patterns, an eight-fold rosette, and other geometric styles can make your space look interesting.

Geometric Pattern Style

To keep the tile’s geometry consistent, make sure the patterns are properly lined up from riser to riser. If not appropriately aligned, the flaw will be visible from a distance.

If you use a very busy design, place the tile at an alternate stair riser to make it less jarring. For such designs, it is suggested that you choose simple stair posts for your Toronto home to allow these stairs to shine.

3. Mix and Match Designs

If you enjoy having bright colours and designs in your home, you will love these stair risers. Combine various geometric patterns or colours in a patchwork pattern to create this one-of-a-kind mix-and-match look. This style has no single rule; just go with what works best for your home.

Ask The Reno Superstore about leftover tiles to save money on this design. Buying remnant stock is a good way to save money. You could also choose artisanal tiles to give your stairs a bespoke look, but that will be more expensive.

4. Concealed Drawers

Who doesn’t want more space in their home? Adding concealed drawers as your stair risers can be a nifty solution if you want extra storage space. This will ensure you use every square inch of space and make your staircase more functional.

These may not be possible to install in your existing staircase as they need to be built together with the stairs. So, if you are in the process of installing a new staircase for your Toronto home, make sure to consult your interior designer or architect to take advantage of this feature.

5. Natural Wood Design

Tired of looking at the dated stairs in your Toronto home? Changing your staircase riser to natural wood can be a great change as it adds natural character and charm to your home.

But what if you want something on a budget? To achieve the same look without overspending, consider installing wood lookalikes such as luxury vinyl, porcelain tile, or laminate risers. The best thing about these is that you don’t have to completely remove your existing riser or stair tread, so your stairs don’t get damaged.

6. Wallpaper Designs

Do you want to change up your risers over a weekend? While we always recommend hiring professional installers for the best results, if you feel you can take on this project, go for it.

If you have always loved stylish wallpaper, using it on your stair risers is a great idea. There are plenty of options, and the results can be stunning if executed well. Peel-and-stick vinyl stickers are another great alternative. You can paint your stairs and stair posts the same colour to give your Toronto home a unique look.

7. Natural Stone Designs

Want to create a luxurious look? Installing natural stone stair risers is a brilliant idea as they help make your space look more luxurious and improve the ROI of your home.

It must be noted that natural stones like marble and granite can be expensive, so make sure you have the budget for them. Furthermore, because natural stone is heavier than tile or wood, it is probably preferable to use stair treads made of the same material to support the heavy natural stair risers.

For example, if you have wooden stairs, you should avoid installing natural stone risers; however, if you have a concrete or natural stone staircase, you can use stair risers of a similar material. When selecting a stone stair riser, use professional installers to ensure the best possible installation.

8. Colour Contrast Style

Sometimes, doing less is more. This style makes the most of the design by utilizing what you already own alongside contrasting colours. Do you have a wooden staircase? You can easily create light or dark contrast by painting them black or white.

This easy change can drastically alter your home with minimal effort. This colour contrast breaks up the monotony of the same wood colour.

9. Lights All-Around

Great lighting can transform any space. One of the greatest but most underappreciated home decor ideas is using lights on your stair riser. Adding step lights can improve the aesthetics of your house while also making night-time use safer. There are numerous lighting options, including wall-recessed and wall-mounted ones.

Lights All-Around


  • What is the function of stair risers?
    Stair risers serve several functions. These include supporting and stabilizing the stair structure, preventing objects from falling through the open space between treads, and improving safety by lowering the risk of tripping.
  • From which materials are stair risers typically made?
    Stair risers can be made of various materials, including wood, metal, stone, and composites like laminate or vinyl.
  • Are stair risers subject to any building codes or regulations?
    Yes. To guarantee accessibility and safety, building codes usually include requirements for stair riser height, depth, and uniformity. When building or remodelling stairs, it is important to conform to local regulations as these codes may differ depending on your location.
  • Can the height of stair risers change on the same staircase?
    Building codes typically mandate uniform riser heights within a single flight of stairs to reduce the risk of trips and falls. Smaller deviations, though, may be permitted within specific bounds.
  • How should I measure the height of a stair riser?
    To measure the height of a stair riser, use a tape measure to find the vertical distance between the top of one tread and the top of the next.
  • Can stair risers be replaced or updated without completely replacing the staircase?
    Yes, stair risers can usually be replaced or updated separately from the rest of the staircase. This can include removing the existing risers and installing new ones or applying a decorative finish to the existing risers.

When it comes to stair risers, always seek advice and guidance from a qualified contractor or building professional. Changing the stairs in your Toronto home can be a transformative experience, but evaluating your budget and lifestyle is important when planning to implement any of these inspirations. Sometimes, little changes can make a big difference to your space. Need help? The Reno Superstore offers stairs and accessories at the best prices in Toronto. Make sure to check us out for your next project.

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