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Building your dream home requires substantial investment, or so we tend to think. And home renovations can indeed be time-consuming and costly, if not planned well.

Renovating on a budget means taking charge of the project. While that can seem daunting, you can always get help from the home renovation experts at The Reno Superstore.

Proper planning, correctly sourcing materials, and focusing on your needs are the basis of an effective and affordable home transformation.

Here, we discuss ways to save money and re-decorate for less.

Top Tips to Renovating Your Home Beautifully but Economically

Smart planning and being creative can save you a lot of money. Here are some tips to make your home beautiful without spending too much.

1. Prioritize Your Needs and Wants

Begin by chalking out the areas or things that you need or want to change. Maybe your living room could use new flooring, or your kitchen, new cabinets. Understand your immediate concerns and plan accordingly.

When you determine your particular needs and wants, it’s easier to build an action plan. This allows you to optimize your resources (time and money included) on a singular area of your home. This is not only economical and it’s better to deal with renovations one at a time.

2. Make a Budget

To do things economically, outline a budget and stick to it. That includes how much you expect to spend as well as the outside limit of what you’re willing to spend. If you are inexperienced in home renovation, hire professionals. No one wants to turn their home into a money pit.

Make sure you keep track of the money you’re spending. This will keep you aware of your expense limits and ongoing investment. Be realistic and understand your limitations. Try thrift stores to get a good deal on decor items like vases, paintings, and other knick-knacks; for home renovation supplies, shop from stores that offer easy financing.

3. Do Your Research 

Take your time researching your remodel. Thorough research can help define your renovation, including what styles you prefer. For instance, are you thinking about installing vinyl plank flooring? Then read a blog that discusses its benefits.

If you have one, consult your contractor about your findings. This will help ensure the job is done properly by keeping you both on the same page.

4. Make Small Changes

Little things can make a huge impact on your living space, and they’re also a cost-effective solution. Before embarking upon more ambitious projects, consider investing in lights; sand, and add a touch of varnish to old furniture; or even install a high-quality TV. 

For a quick upgrade, install a new carpet but make sure it complements your decor. Carpets help in protecting your flooring from scratches and dents so they are worth investing in. Another thing you can try if you have a small space is adding a mirror. They immediately give the illusion of a larger space and are a great way to enhance the look of your home.

5. Get Rid of Clutter 

This one doesn’t require you to spend anything. Clutter often takes up so much floor space that de-cluttering can feel not only transformational but even spiritual.

The Japanese are often considered masters at organizing and de-cluttering. Their traditional yearly ōsōji (which translates to big clean-up) is worth trying.

Clean your space regularly by removing excess clutter and you may end up creating more space for the things that are important to you.

6. Give Your Doors Some Love

Doors are about form as much as function. So don’t restrict your choices to those with a beautiful exterior; your interior doors matter too.

Use sliding doors or glass doors to create a separation within your living space, without compromising on space or privacy. Hollow doors are quite affordable and you can style them further by adding a fresh coat of paint.

The Reno Superstore has interior doors in every style and budget.

7. Keep It Simple

Simple yet eye-catching decor is the quickest way to make your house look stylish and elegant. Sometimes introducing too many elements into space can lead to clutter.

Dive into your creative side to style your space. This requires a bit of imagination, but adding pieces of artwork creates a more visually intriguing space. Look for yard sales or Facebook marketplaces for a quick room makeover.

8. Style Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are personal spaces that could use a little sprucing up. Isn’t it nice to unwind after a tiring day with a hot shower or relaxing bath? Don’t think we forgot to be economical. There’s a lot that can be done without spending a lot.

Consider changing your faucets, old doorknobs, showerheads, or installing a vanity. Remember, bathrooms are an essential feature of your home and require as much attention as other rooms. Introduce indoor plants or install a frosted glass door to revamp the space in no time.

The Reno Superstore has an exhaustive collection of vanities in all sizes and budgets that are perfect for your bathroom renovation.

9. Think About Your Floors

Now, this is an expensive but important part of your renovation journey. If your floors need attention, it’s worth spending on them. Not only can it increase your home’s resale value, but it is an investment that will last you for ages.

Remember, you don’t have to renovate your whole house at the same time. Going room by room is a more economical choice. Always choose the option that suits your budget. If you had been dreaming of hardwood floors, consider a visually similar but more affordable alternative like engineered wood. Hiring pro floor installers is recommended as they get the job done flawlessly. It also minimizes the risk of incurring damage when installing it yourself.

The bottom line is to explore all your options thoroughly first. To build your dream home, practice these tips. The Reno Superstore offers home renovation products at unbeatable prices and helps you save. Let’s discuss your project.

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