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Like your front door, interior doors are meant to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too. And like your exterior door, they can make a great first impression on visitors.

But there are many styles and materials to choose from, which can be confusing.

No matter what kind of interior door you choose, it should offer privacy and security. Selecting the right kind not only adds style but functionality.  That’s why The Reno Superstore offers a wide range of stunning interior doors at amazing prices.

Let’s take a look at some of your many options.

Top 8 Interior Door Styles to Choose From

There are a plethora of interior doors, some of which you might have come across, while others need a bit of introduction. No matter which you choose, pick a design that is durable and helps create a beautiful space.

Let’s walk through all your options, no pun intended. Well, maybe a little bit.

1. Panelled Doors

This most common type of door has never gone out of style. It is characterized by three or four horizontal rails and three vertical stiles. Its exterior frame can be made from solid wood while the inner shutter panels are wood, plywood, or hardboard. They come in either a solid or hollow design, with prices varying accordingly.

Panelled Doors

Nowadays, some panels can be made out of glass. This allows light to pass through and gives the space a warm, welcoming look. Style tip: add a pop of color to grab attention and give our home a bit of personality.

This is a classic design that does well in both modern and contemporary settings. Find something similar to this style right here.

2. Flush Doors

These doors are a simple slab of wood without any decoration and are great for homeowners who don’t want anything elaborate. This is also an affordable interior door option. If the surface is a hardwood veneer of birch or oak, it can be stained or even painted in the color of your choice.

Flush Doors

These doors look great in modern buildings but may seem out of place in traditional homes.  However, they are flexible enough to blend into your room design.

 If you’re looking for doors that are strong and durable with great insulating properties, then flush doors should be your top choice.

3. French Doors

French doors make a charming style statement. They are popular because they allow some level of privacy and visual connection between spaces. (This well-loved door style came about in the 1500s in Italy, actually, and was later brought to France.)

French Doors

Originally used with windows to create a spacious atmosphere in otherwise stuffy homes, this style has remained popular. It can be installed in an area that opens up to the outdoors. In this way, it offers an unobstructed view outside and allows natural light to pour in. These classic doors are traditionally characterized by wood or, in more modern homes, metal with glass to create a stunning view.

Set on hinges, these doors can open on either side, so are great for interior doors installed in living rooms, or balconies if you prefer a well-lit bedroom.

4. Bi-fold Doors

Are you looking for a classic door that will work wonders for small spaces? Consider a bi-fold door.

Bi-fold Doors

These are a set of sliding doors set on hinges and were traditionally known as ’concertina’ doors.  The name was inspired by the musical instrument of the same name and dates back to 1st century Pompeii. These folding doors use the mechanism of sliders and hinges, as they are attached with end pivots on pins.

They can be made from wood, glass, or even steel, and work well in narrow spaces and to connect openly to outdoor areas like a backyard garden or conservatory.

These doors help create open spaces that invite natural light and ventilation. Their streamlined style makes them equally popular in modern and traditional home decor. They can also be painted or stained to suit your preference.

5. Solid Doors

This sturdy go-to is a classic. Made from natural woods such as maple, oak, and other solid wood variants, they are typically soundproof and energy efficient so help with insulation. However, they do require care and maintenance.

Solid Doors

The best thing about this style is that this door can be customized to fit your frame. So the door you purchased can be easily fixed if it’s too tall or wide. These doors can be stained and are a great choice for interior entryways. Since they are found in various designs, they suit most home styles.

Explore durable and stunning solid wooden doors at The Reno Superstore. We have something similar right here.

6. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have great functional designs that help tackle the space issue. These cleverly designed doors slide into walls when fully opened to not take up any floor space. They are also available as single or double doors. Note: these doors require wall space and should not have electrical or plumbing lines running through them.

Pocket Doors

To ensure your doors are installed properly, we suggest you take advantage of our reputable installation services to avoid unnecessary hassle.

7. Frosted Glass Panel Doors

Interior spaces get less natural light than more exposed areas of your home. Frosted glass panel doors help bridge that difference.

Frosted Glass Panel Doors

Usually set in a wooden frame, these stunning doors allow in natural light. Clear glass allows total transparency, while frosted glass offers privacy. They can be expensive, but The Reno Superstore offers the best prices on frosted glass doors with one, three, and five panels.

8. Dutch Doors

You’ve likely come across this unique door style without knowing its formal name. These doors were used in early New England to let light into a child’s room but now can be used in the playroom. Dutch doors (also called double-hung doors) are divided horizontally; using different panels for the top and bottom. The bottom panel, when closed, helps keep pets away or sometimes to stop babies from crawling outside a room.

Dutch Doors

Interior doors can be made from materials such as wood, metal, or fiberglass, and the cost will vary accordingly. They offer privacy and security, but that doesn’t mean homeowners have to compromise on style. A striking color or fresh and crisp design can help to grab attention tastefully. Consult us before settling on a said design. The Reno Superstore offers all kinds of doors, as well as easy financing to make your renovation dreams come true.

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