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7 Reasons to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Home


7 Reasons to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Home

Top reasons why luxury vinyl planks are great for home flooring.

1) 100% Waterproof

Being perfectly moisture-resistant, they are ideal for spaces like the bathroom or kitchen, where you wouldn’t dream of installing solid hardwood.

2) Convincingly Wood-Like

Thanks to advances in printing technology, they are convincingly realistic. They can exactly imitate solid hardwood, or even an intricate pattern, down to the last detail.

3) Great for Busy Areas

Tough sealant is the secret behind their high resilience. Rest easy when it comes to your kids and pets, as these floors are scratch-resistant and ideal for active households.

4) Amazingly Versatile

Vinyl planks never fall short in terms of variety. These include wood, marble, stone, decorative planks, and concrete. They help you create a truly unique floor at home.

5) Affordably Priced

Let’s not forget the price tag for these affordable flooring options. They are ideal for small-budget home renovation projects. They’re also durable, making them a great investment.

6) Easy to Install

They can be installed faster and more easily than other flooring solutions. Hiring a reputable and experienced flooring installation company will make the process stress-free for you.

The Reno Superstore in Toronto offers an overwhelming range of high-quality vinyl planks at amazing prices. (Don’t worry! We’ll help you choose the best for your home.) And, we’ll also assist you with quick and easy financing to make your renovation dream come true.

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