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Are you looking to buy backsplash or floor tiles for your Toronto-area home? Before visiting tile suppliers or tile shops in Toronto, take a step back to plan.

When making any home renovations, knowledge is your biggest ally. At The Reno Superstore, we always ask our customers to educate themselves when shopping for home improvement supplies. That way, you know you will be making an informed decision.

Tiles are a great investment; asking the right questions will help you buy the right product for your space.

Let’s get started.

Make Sure to Ask Tile Suppliers in Toronto These Questions

A proper understanding of the flooring you are buying is an important first step. Here are some questions you must ask your project’s tile supplier.

1. What type of tile is best for my project?

That depends on the project. Floor tiles and wall tiles are not the same. Many homeowners do not know which tile is best suited for their project and make their choice based on design alone.

This is the wrong way to shop for tiles.

Before you choose tiles, be sure you understand the difference between floor and wall tiles. Asking this question at tile shops in Toronto will not only help you buy the right product but will also help you get an idea about the expertise of the store staff.

Differences Between Floor and Wall Tiles

They may be selling the product, but are they well-informed about the different types of porcelain tiles they sell and their uses? This is a great way to find out. A good tile supplier in Toronto will give good recommendations based on product knowledge. They will help you choose the best tile for your project.

2. What is the right shade of tile for my project?

This is mostly up to your personal taste, but an experienced tile supplier in Toronto, like The Reno Superstore, can help you make that decision. There are certain rules when it comes to picking a colour for your project. For instance, if you have a small room, using lighter-coloured tiles may help make the space seem larger.

You should also consider where you intend to install the tiles. Are these going to be floor tiles or backsplash tiles? While light-coloured flooring will do, you may want to select a darker tile shade for your backsplash, as it helps to hide food splashes and oil stains better. If you are unsure how to go about this, ask the experts at the store.

3. What is the product’s final price, and what does it include?

Remember: the price of the product may not be the final price. There is tax, and if you shop online, you must consider the delivery fee.

When visiting a tile shop or warehouse in Toronto, ask about this so you can budget accordingly. Many home renovation stores like The Reno Superstore both sell the product and offer installation services. Ask about our flooring services and pricing when shopping for tiles.

4. Is there a tile size I should consider for my project?

Yes, there is. The right tile size can significantly affect a room’s overall appearance. Installing larger floor tiles for your Toronto home will have fewer joints, making the room look larger. If you want to give a small room a more streamlined look, go for smaller mosaic tiles to make the space look more compact and improve the flow. Mosaic tiles are also great for backsplash tiles in Toronto kitchens or bathrooms.

Backsplash Tiles Toronto

If you want your floors to mimic the warmth and coziness of hardwood floors, hardwood tile planks are also a great way to incorporate depth and warmth into a space. This will also work for adding a stone look with tiles in your Toronto home.

The shape of the tile can also significantly impact the look of the room. Adding diagonally cut tiles can help a narrow space look wider. Understand how you intend the space to look and choose the shape accordingly.

5. How many tiles should I order for my project?

This is a great question to ask your tile supplier in Toronto. Whether you are installing floor or backsplash tiles, it is very important to calculate the area properly. If you have no idea how to do this, hire an expert from The Reno Superstore.

If you have a larger project, consider taking your blueprint/plans to help the experts at the store better understand your requirements. When installing tiles, order some extras in case some are damaged or broken. Consider getting anywhere between 10% and 15% extra tiles when ordering.

6. Should I install my tiles myself?

Professional installation is highly recommended when installing porcelain tiles as they are heavy and expensive, especially if you lack the tools and experience.

Poorly installed tiles will give you issues in the future, which may lead to added expenditures that are best avoided.

7. Who honours the warranty on the tiles if damaged?

The tile manufacturer honours the warranty, as The Reno Superstore only offers them at great prices. We do not manufacture them. In case of any issues, we will assist you in claiming the warranty, but we are not responsible for the outcome.

Please note that every manufacturer has its own guidelines, which, if breached, will render your warranty null and void. So remember to read the guidelines and fine print carefully.


Asking questions of your tile supplier can help you determine the best service for your project and the right product. Explore our website to explore your many tile options. We keep a wide selection of tiles from reputable manufacturers at the best prices, so it is important to check the tiles in person at our store to understand their colours and textures before finalizing the product. We offer our customers easy financing, installation service, and shipping. You can always visit our store or shop online. Need floor or backsplash tiles in Toronto? Discuss your project with us to learn more.

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